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Monday, March 20, 2006

have to take a break

OK guys. I have facts and figures traipsing thru my brain. Hitting the burn out stage for the moment. In order to get a small semblance of relief - i just watch Colton and his antics. He has inherited so much of his uncle's genes - IT'S DELIGHTFUL!! Have to check out slyght's latest - trying to wrestle a water buffalo - well, actually just try to chew the damn cooked meat. Hysterical. He is definitely making the most out of a bad place to be.

Talking to Colton is like talking to a small adult. He has the same expansive vocabulary his uncle had at that age. He has a seriousness (almost comical) when conversing. Can't wait for him to grow up (which will be sooner than we think.) He is all excited about going to kindergarten next year. He has been told to "quit talking" so much at pre-school so kindergarten will be a real treat.

St. Patrick's day was no big thing here, I was tied to the computer and tax returns. But looking forward to cruising, which keeps me sane. Was checking out the site today and looks like May 27th may be the day. Have to finalize things soon. May be going by myself, but no big deal - i make friends easily. But I have to get away to the blue waters and warm temps.

Oh, btw, our illustrious leader (cringingly) Bush, will be visiting here on thursday. Thought about actually being a protestor for the day. Already had one person say not a good thing to do - but I did grow up in the 60's and 70's.

Enough for now - back to the grind. Take care all!!!

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