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Saturday, March 11, 2006

soapbox time....surprise!!

ok i have not bothered to vent my political thoughts on this blog thus far, but TA DA!!! IT'S TIME. since i am such a news junkie and a highly opinionated liberal democrat - i have saved you till this time, but after reading an item this morning i just have to comment.

there is a white house aide (now "former") who has been indicted for various acts of theft. now our illustrious leader tried to appoint this individual to the federal court of appeals out of virginia in 2003, but the democrats raised some pertinent issues and that nomination was canned. so instead, he wa appointed as one of bush's top domestic policy advisors - fair trade i guess. he is now being charged with theft from target and hecht stores in the virginia area. he would go into these stores and purchase items such as: bose stereo systems, designer clothing and even small items costing $2. he would then proceed to his car, leave the items, and proceed back into the stores and collect identical items to those just purchased on his credit card, and go to the service areas and RETURN the merchandise. thus getting a complete credit on his visa or mastercard or whatever and leave. going home with thousands of dollars of merchandise FOR FREE.

now i don't know about anyone else, but i am surprised that HE DIDN'T get his previous nomination. he fits in so perfectly well with the other idiots in control - those who all say THEY WILL BE VINDICATED. everyone else is lying and the truth will win out - oops, must have forgotten about the camera surveillance. he and his wife just purchased a million dollar home in the same area, so you know he had to be making a pretty penny in his government position, but just goes to show what greed can do - it is NEVER enough.

the white house press secretary has stated that they have "given him the benefit of the doubt", as a person in his position had to undergo an in-depth background search upon hiring. hmmm.. background...kind of leaves out this moment in time.

sen. bob ney is a local boy and in considerable trouble, but he too says he will be vindicated. amazing to me, that just because so many people know him personally, they really don't know him, but will still keep the crook in office. look at delay in last weeks election. oh my tolerance for idiots is definitely waning - can ya tell?

had to get that off my chest - i feel so much better now. as we all know - none of this will change the graft and corruption in our government, but i LOVE when each one is uncovered.


1 comment:

slyght said...

i don't konw nothing about them there politicians, but that sounds about right. they aren't the brightest bulbs in the box.

dumbheads. and i don't know much about delay and ney. just know they get in the news every once in a while.