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Monday, March 13, 2006

crazy weather...

can you believe it - almost 80 degrees today and tomorrow it is going to be 40 degrees. everyone in this valley is going to be sick all over again. storm threats all day today, supposedly winds reaching 70 mph. so out i go to "batten down the hatches!" called the guy to have the check-valve put back in my outside drain line again - and again he didn't show. after the flood of september 2004 (hurricane ivan), and the financial loss of all my stuff in the basement, i would prefer NOT to go through that again.

chatted with slyght online this morning, and as he was "typing" to me, the FedEx guy came through and told him he had delivered a package for him at his hotel. so ST. PATRICK'S DAY is on. zac will be able to have his green beer and wear his guiness boxers - YAY!!!!

spent a wee tad too much time in tanning bed yesterday and have been itching like crazy (burned!) smart person that i am - i have cancelled my next two sessions. anything beats looking like "styrofoam!"

slyght is leaning a little political lately and i am rather proud of him. i didn't realize he even paid attention to world matters. you go kid!

almost time for "24" and i CANNOT miss an episode. best show. it has been years since i have been hooked on one tv show, but this is the one. got hooked in boston in January of 2005.

gotta go for now, have fun all!


The daughter said...

Well looking like styrofoam isn't that awful. I however inherited your lovely irish blood which makes me resemble Casper the friendly ghost fairly well. I would however prefer that too looking like a lobster and itching to death like the mom. that will teach you to increase your fake and bake time.hehehe

Jules said...

Thanks for the green coloring - I'm going to have green whiskey - woohoo!

Ahh, 24, what a great show...I was totally addicted to that show when I was working in Egypt, it came on everyday so I got to to see the whole season in 24 days - no waiting a week for the next one, it was awesome.