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Sunday, March 26, 2006

just don't know where to start...

I know it has been a few days since i last blogged, but I have been busy. The entire time I am thinking of all the idiot things I would like to blog. I think I really need a life!!! It is Sunday morning, and I have already tanned and am back home to begin the backlog of tax returns. BUT FIRST... I had to hook up a DVD (cheap at WalMart = $33) in the kitchen. You have to understand that I am always at the kitchen table, albeit eating a meal, working on laptop or just watching TV. I never go in my living room (Colton has taken that over) and when I watch TV in the bedroom I go to sleep. Since I have accumulated all these DVD's and never get to watch them, I considered this a good investment for myself. Now consider this, I have a cable box and and a TV with NO output jacks on the back. Hmmm...I purchased a RCA Combination RF Modulator and Switcher months back, at Circuit City, just because it was on a clearance table for $1.99. BARGAIN. Aha... just what I needed. I have wires everywhere, but now hidden well, and after only one misstep, it is up and running. I even have "FLIGHTPLAN" in as I type. (btw - excellent movie). NOW AM I THE QUEEN??

As I said in an earlier post, the President (I use the term loosely) was in Wheeling last Wednesday. The local Republican newspapers only praised the idiot and made statements as to how well this Ohio Valley loves the man, blah, blah, blah - wish I owned a newspaper. The next day the headline read "EDUCATOR-IN-CHIEF" - now does anybody have a problem with that. If I knew how to link in this blog I would refer you to slyghts past blog and the TV clips of all the ignorant, stupid, grammatical errors the boob has made in the past. I know I DO NOT consider him any kind of an educator-in-chief, that is plain moronic. There were about 100 protestors outside of the Capitol Music Hall, 100 yards away from the entrance (threats of being arrested if any closer.) I cannot believe all the people I have spoken to (and honestly kept my mouth shut) that think he is the best thing since chocolate. GAG ME!!! The man cannot think for himself nor can he make any strides to help the working man - rhetoric at its best. Enough of that for now - or I am going to rupture an artery.

Slyght is asking that his blogsite get passed around, via flyers or whatever it takes. I am trying to find out if we have any local cropdusters to drop the damn things. Right!!!!! I can see Mom 2 and I(because I won't do it alone) going around stapling the flyers to telephone poles and trees now. Hell with a lost puppy just log on to my son's blogsite PLEASE!! I THINK HE HAS FINALLY REACHED THE DESPERATION STAGE. Call the shrink!!

Mom2 and I took my grandson and her 2 nephews to dinner last night and then to WalMart. What a treat. Actually it went well, Colton ate what he wanted (a buffet place), jello, rolls and ice cream. I know there is nutrition there somewhere, but since he won't budge from the 32 pound mark, anything he eats makes me happy.

Tomorrow, we are off to Columbus again to see the doctor for Carrie's wrist. I am hoping he makes a final decision as to what he is going to do. These trips are killing me with gas at 2.50/gallon.

Better get cracking on the work. Everyone have a good day and enjoy yourselves. LATER!!!


mom 2 said...

hey you...had a good time with the boys last night and they were good for 6 and 7 year olds...their excitement toy shopping at wallmart is sooooo cute...nice dates for saturday night...DO WE NEED A LIFE??? see ya later
TTFN jean

slyght said...

you'd do this. include this except where it says "post link" that would be either my link to GW (clikc on it in my blog to get the actual link)


so to link to my MOVIE of GW, you'd type something like this:

Slyght has a movie of GW...

that will look like "Slyght has a movie of GW..." with 'slyght' underlined and colored being the link. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

slyght said...

Slyght has a post of GW...

sorry if you write it like this... you'll get the links up above, damn blogger.

slyght said...

shit shit shit.. i'l send you an email