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Thursday, April 06, 2006


The end of tax season is ALWAYS crunch time and this year is even worse. Took the daughter to OSU for another surgery this past Monday and it actually had good results. The doctor will NOT have to remove any bones, but she will need another surgery to repair a 3-4" ligament tear. Excellent news. She will not be disabled. But after the next surgery the doctor emphasized she wil not be allowed to work for at least 3 months. The surgery to repair the ligament needs complete "babying" so the seamstress work takes hold. At the present time she has a half cast, and is still in considerable pain. Since OSU is a teaching hospital the anaesthesiologist was a student, and in trying to intubate her, he cut the piece of skin under her tongue, and now has swelling and eating has presented a few problems. (As if we can't afford to miss a meal or two!!! Right!) She is having trouble doing many chores, and i even had to bath her tonight. That was a trip - haven't bathed her in at least 20+ years. God, she is a bigger baby now!! haha - kidding Carrie.

I have all the last minute clients calling and still have some saying "I almost have it all together" - DUHHHH!!! Give me a break. Normally I don't let it bother me, but this year, with all the trips to Columbus, working part-time, tax season and my oldest daughters wedding - I would like to schedule my nervoius breakdown now!! Damnit - I haven't had time to book my cruise either. That is imperitive. That way I can have my breakdown at sea, and save everyone here at home from the gore of it all!

It is 10:15 pm and I have 10 returns sitting in front of me, I worked today till 5 pm, have tanned, bathed both daughter and grandson (and myself), and arranged for the limo for my daughters wedding. Nah - no returns tonite. Work till 6pm tomorrow and tan at 8 pm tomorrow, so I will not get to these returns till Saturday and alllllllll day Sunday. I love the pressure.

Gotta run for now - will be back as soon as time allows. Pray for me!!


Paul said...

If you can make until the cruise without that breakdown, I'm sure that the cruise will melt all that tension away. In the mean time just do like the rest of us, set one night and early morning aside, do not set the alarm clock, get a bottle of your favorite libation, drink until you pass out, wake up miserable for a few hours and then you'll be fine for a while...repeat as often as necessary...

slyght said...

there ya go. sounds like a helluva plan.. wait! paul's trying to get my mom drunk...

when are you gonna book the ticket? i'll give you my credit card number, or if it isn't too late, we'll do it when i'm home