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Sunday, March 28, 2010


OK....the IQUITAROD Queen headed to Arizona to stump for John McCrackhead and has veered off course (along the TEAPARTY circuit) and headed to Searchlight, Nevada to attempt to trample Harry Reid's territory. In her nasally, folksy way - she is now shouting "You're fired" in reference to Obama, Pelosi and Reid. After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing so hard - I'm still trying to find some rationale for THE QUITTER, to take on the Donald Trumpesque mode and feel she has such clout.

I could understand better had she just encouraged Obama, Pelosi and Reid to just QUIT - since therein lies, her expertise!! And the masses she is preaching to - these Teabaggers - WTF is up with them. Are they all part of the millions of unemployed who have nothing better to do with their unemployment benefits than travel...or are they retirees, benefiting from that social program called Social Security and Medicare? I definitely know that I don't have the resources to follow across this vast country - the sycophants of the right.

I managed to contain a massive chuckle as I saw PalGal all decked out in leather, trying to influence the people, like the dominatrix she pretends to be. I honestly can not watch the videos of her blathering on at these events, because my heart can only bear so much. Her folksy, in your face attitude, makes me want to punch her - so she is quite fortunate that we are on opposite sides of the country. I'm especially tired of the "Americans want" this or that, that she so frequently tosses out there, along with the other talking heads for their party. I'm not easily brainwashed, so she will have to keep using these euphemisms on the weak minded - those who think she is presidential material. EGADS!!!

Palin is all about $$$$ now. She throws out a cursory political opinion (crazy as they are), is coached for her Faux News appearances, an relishing her TV show on Discovery (which I encourage all intelligent people to avoid). she is throwing her darling hubby under the bus, in a way, by telling these crowds he is an independent voter now - forget that he was all for Alaska seceding at one point in time.

Enough of that little priss...I want to give a fist-bump to our Prez for making the recess appointments of yesterday. All I can say is - IT'S ABOUT TIME!! The obstructionists may still be yelling the loudest, especially when they return on April 5th - but that's what they get, and that's what the law is for! Again - it was just perfect for Bush to do 156 times....but let the black man attempt such a move - and all hell will break loose.

How about them Mountaineers??? They now move on to the Final Four, after playing one helluva game against #1 Kentucky last night. How's everyone's brackets doing now? March Madness apparently is - just that - MADNESS!!

I've got to get a small grocery list together and head to the dollar store, so everyone have a great day and I'll catch ya.......later..............



Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'm stealing that 'Meth Bible Camp Road' picture.

Lisa G. said...

Damn that woman is STUPID. I just wanna smack her in the face.

Mauigirl said...

Excellent post. I too have been seeing way too much of Sarah Palin the last few days and her voice goes right through me. I am particularly annoyed at how much air time the MSM is giving her speechifying. Ugh. As for the recess appointments, good for the President! So glad he's giving the GOP a taste of their own medicine. But you're right, they're going to be squawking all over TV with outrage about it even though Bush did it so many times.

kirby said...

Grampy McCain has to run to the far right to beat that nut job challenging him, and he's trying to fan the embers of his dying, no, dead relevancy by standing next to the monster he created. Meanwhile, Caribou Barbie ends up in a reality show on the same network that whores out the Duggars and a clan of midgets. What's that about water seeking its own level?

Nan said...

I am so hoping that McCain loses big in the primary now that he's got Bible Spice out there campaigning for him. If she's associated with enough losses, maybe the media will lose its fascination with her.

Kulkuri said...

Re: the street sign. If they are doing 'Meth' at the 'Bible Camp', no wonder it is a 'Dead End'.

james said...

I wouldn't want her running anything that had to do with our government . She can't ignore Levi Johnson for Christ sakes . I don't want to find out how she would react to any country she thought maybe "dun her wrong" . When she made that tea party speech where she asked Obama "How's that change working out for you"? I wish someone would have asked "How's that bastard grandchild working out for you?"I think she would come apart at the seams .

aironlater said...

For the record, I want that sign. That is all.

ReRe said...

that picture is creepy!

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