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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


On Sunday, I was glued to my TV and the C-Span station for over FOURTEEN hours. To state that I need a life would be an understatement, but I found it all so very interesting and frustrating at the same time.

To listen to the alternating sides arise and give their speeches was something everyone should experience or comment on at least. Bias that I am, the Democrats reiterated, over and over, how those who have been denied medical coverage - would now be able to seek proper medical care without the fear of bankruptcy or denial. Some of the representatives mentioned individuals by name from their districts.

The Republican representatives (in alternating discourse) would rise and spout off the same lying talking points. At various times, they tried to manipulate the session, with all the procedural calls and points of order. I have stated before, that these reps - if they call you a fish long enough, you will begin to look for your gills.

Is this a perfect bill - hell no. But a starting point had to be established, a point from which to pefect the necessary attributes. As for BIPARTISANSHIP - we tried that.....so I say go forward while you have the votes and set us back on the right course.

The "right" is whining, for ALL to hear - that the Dems have not even sought bipartisan support and/or ignored all proffers. Again, the lies will continue ad nauseum. President Obama has MORE than tried to work with the "other side of the aisle" and since they are blinded by their racism and birther attitudes - he was unsuccessful. So, in my humble opinion - that road has been traveled - now on to bigger and better things for our citizens.

I also love how these law suits have been filed by 14 different states as to the "constitutionality" of this bill - little success in the courts has been predicted. Think back a few years - when the Bush/Cheney cabal decided we had no CIVIL rights or privacy expectations and literally changed the Constitution to suit their neo-con needs. Cheney went so far as to change the job description for the VICE PRESIDENT. Duh..............!!!!!

And....if anyone is wondering (hardly)...that "F" word that VP Biden whispered in the ear of the Prez was FUCK!! I mean honestly...watch the video - he whispered in the ear "farthest" from the microphone, and damn if that was one of the best mics in the world...and it picked that word right up! Sorry to burst all the virginal bubbles out there, but Biden was correct - he used the word quite aptly to describe the passage of this historic bill and the signing of said bill yesterday. And for those who were offended...get over your fuckin' selves.

Now, I read that the Ottawa (Canada) college which was sponsoring Ann Coulter as a speaker has cancelled the event for the she-man. It is so very funny to read Coulter's statements AGAINST these academicians and students - that she has lost the concept of the "tables being turned." She has no qualms denigrating the Muslims, Democrats, women and gays - but heaven forbid a group attacks her..............damn, wish I was there!

OK - it's a crazy day....tanned at 8 am, cardiac rehab at 9:30 am...cardiologist at 1 pm and an EKG at 2 pm. I may need some strong drugs after this day. I have to squeak in a couple of tax returns also - just so I feel like I've accomplished something. Also, I can't forget to get in a couple of Free-For-All games on Xbox (Modern Warfare2). I'm telling ya - mother's work is NEVER done.

Have a great day all - the sun is shining and things are actually looking good for a change. catch ya' ................ later!!!



Lisa said...

All that whining from the Republicans has made me sick. Literally! Your title cracked me up, BTW.

Kulkuri said...

The problem is they don't seem to understand that they lost!! They lost the election and now they lost on the Health Care Reform bill. I have a relative that's now putting up all kinds of Tea Bagger bullshit on facebook and I am seriously thinking of unfriending her.

So, Yeah, give them a huge chunk of cheese to go with that Whine!!