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Thursday, March 04, 2010


I just don't get it!! This woman refuses to just "go away" and take her brain dead euphemisms with her. I have actually reached the point where I believe she DOES need to run for Prez as a newly inducted member of the Tea Baggers!! From what I have seen so far, the collective IQ of all involved has not yet reached triple digits - and that's one scary thought.

Witless and clueless Palin made an appearance on a late night talk show and actually had the balls to do a LAME stand up comedy spiel. WTF is wrong with her????? It's unbelievable that there are "supporters" encouraging her to do these ludicrous stunts and possibly even telling her "you may have a future in comedy!" ARGHHHHHHHH!!

Now, this retard - yes I said the word - and Mark Burnett are out shopping the idea of a DOCUDRAMA about Alaska and starring the Palin family, to all the mainstream networks. If there is a goddess out there, this plan will fall by the wayside.

After her illustrious appearance on the late night circuit...she then had the audacity to stop at a hotel which has set-ups for Oscar attendees and all the free swag that that entails. Her entire entourage acted like greedy backwoods rubes, by literally grabbing anything and everything that wasn't tied down. Tell me why would this woman even dare to think she was worthy of these offerings - FOR THEATRICAL PEOPLE!! I imagine that stardom has gone to her head since she is such a foremost political analyst for Faux News now.

Maybe the backwoods Wasilla Hillbillies will fade into the sunset, but I wouldn't hold my breath just yet!

Damn, she just makes this all so very easy. If I had a real life, I guess I would find something better to post about, but for now, this will have to suffice.

Back to the tax returns and maybe a wee tad of house cleaning (or not!)!!!!!!!

Have a great day, catcha............later.................



Mommy Lisa said...

If I see her face or hear her name I usually change the channel.

My boss once remarked, "Oh I WISH I were Sarah Palin."

This is why I keep looking for a new job.


Cali said...

Oooh! I hope she does get a reality show! Not only will people get sick of her through total overexposure, but the gems of stupidity will drop like bunny pellets! Just imagine the high-larity that will ensue when she thinks Chicken of the Sea tuna is actually chicken like that airhead Jessica Simpson! She (and her family) will make her totally unelectable! Remember, we don't actually have to watch the show, the pertinent clips will be all over the place. It'll be great!

Jerry Critter said...

If your criterion for a candidate is that they are not smarter than you, then Sarah is your candidate. She will have very wide appeal. Most voters are much smarter than she is.

Nan said...

Palin's figured out it's a lot easier to make a living by pandering to the teabaggers than it is by working. She's definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she does know how to market herself.

Mnmom said...

And I thought Dan Quayle couln't be topped. This woman's popularity astounds me. She has nothing but good looks and great gams to offer. And even in that department she's one of many. There's not one worthwhile thought in her head, not one!

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

I'll never ever watch Leno again.

Nan said...

BTW, I don't think she's ever going to run for office. She's too lazy.

jadedj said...

Can't tolerate watching or listening to her. Anything I read in the papers regards her, I dump in my kitty litter change.

She may be getting rich, but have no doubt, she is slitting her own political throat.

Kulkuri said...

She strikes me as the type that can never have enough, enough money, enough face-time on the tube or enough people fawning over her like she is a celebrity. As long as someone will pay her, she will return like a bad penny. All we can do is laugh at some of her antics and ignore the rest!!

Anonymous said...

Let's remember who the real whore was that night, Jay Leno.