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Saturday, March 20, 2010


Be honest...don't we all feel like this SOME DAYS!

NOPE! Pants are ALWAYS "optional."

I actually feel like helping move the damn thing for poor kitty!!

LOLOLOLOLOLOL...a cat after my own heart!

I SO hate days like this!

NO COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!! GULP...........

Hmmm...and how do you spell RELIEF????

RUH ROH....See kitty run, verrrrrrrrrrrrry fast!

Ahhh - visions of "whack-a-mole!"


I have been quite busy this tax season, plus making sure I get to my cardiac rehab exercise class three times a week - as well. thus, the blogging has been more than inconsistant, and for that I apologize. After April 15th I shall try to do much better.

This week may prove to be an historic one in nature - as the Health Care Reform Act may be passed (or not)! My fingers are crossed for a positive outcome. I have fallen asleep at night listening to the late night sessions being covered by C-Span, and as usual - the rethuglian trolls always manage to come away from the table sounding so moronic AND STUPID.

I love how the GnOP is yelling and shrieking and threatening a law suit against the "constitutionality" of the DEEM AND PASS possibilities. And for those who are hearing this over and over - it is NOT demon pass. Now, it was most certainly an OK thing to do during the dominant rethug years, but now that the tables are turned - it's whining time. The same goes for the reconciliation stance. That Mormon goof Orrin Hatch was on CNN this afternoon, almost gloating over the fact that should this bill go through - it WILL BE TESTED IN FRONT OF THE SUPREME COURT. Duh Orrin....when your party was chastised by the Dems and these same charges were taken to court - since you apparently have Alzheimer's - the courts said - FUGGEDABOUTIT!!

At this point in time - the vote is set for sometime Sunday afternoon - so we will have to wait and see. Granted, I am not 100% happy with this bill, but we have to start somewhere and once the initial steps are taken - then finessing this bill will come in time.

I'm truly sick and tired of the rethug talking heads (Limpdick, Beck and "makes me cringe" Malkin) deriding those who are speaking out for the Dems, about their own personal medical problems. As a rule, I never wish bad things on people, but a few disfiguring and amputatable (my new word) maladies could come to these aforementioned people and I would not shed a tear.

Time for Bill Maher, so I must set the time for this to post and head in to the bedroom for my "viewing pleasure." Have a great weekend all - catch y'all.....later.......




rennratt said...

Congratulations on not smoking!

While much of the Reform Bill (subtext and small print especially) really concerns me, you're right. Something needs to be done.

NC unemployment is over 11% right now. COBRA payments are over $1200/month for the average unemployed family, and many around here have been without a job for a year or more.

It seems easier (and certainly cheaper) to go without and hope for the best.

Out of curiosity, why is the vote taking place on a Sunday?

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Four months!!! Congrats that a major milestone! Keep up with all those Dr appointments Missy!

I'm certainly for the health care bill, but I've certainly become a little less enthused about it as time has gone by. I am certainly tired of hearing everyone complain and nobody actually try to make positive changes or compromises to make the bill better. It's not perfect, but it's this or nothing happens at all.

themom said...

renratt: the only reason I can conclude for the Sunday vote..is the upcoming Easter break for the Senate. I know Obama wanted the bill on his desk for signing as quickly as possible, but I honestly don't believe that is the major issue. Like I said before - this is a starting point and this bill will primarily be the "changes" bill for HCR.

WMOR: With these morons in office, I'm ecstatic that A BILL is being voted on at all. Now the fine tuning can begin - and watch all the idiots try to tack on amendments to assauage their own contituencies.

Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Well done on the smoking and the 1000 posts! I'm applauding you for both accomplishments.

TomCat said...

Yay Caturday!! Cat is where it's at!!

Congrats on number 1,000!

J Ho said...

Yay. Another flawed bill with no balls is going to be passed. This is not a step forward, it is another step backward. Most Americans want health care changed, but this is what OUR representatives offer up? Just to say they did something in time for November elections.

Kulkuri said...

The Republic Party keeps saying that most of the people don't like the HCR bill, but most of those that don't like it, don't think it goes far enough towards reform and is a handout to the insurance companies. They would want a single payer system while a handful of Tea Baggers want the Republic plan of "Just go away and die quickly"!!

Lisa G. said...

Congrats on not smoking and your 100th post!

HCR has now passed and for that we can be thankful - it's not a great bill but neither was SS or Medicare when they first passed. Improvements are on the way. And the Repubs can stuff it!

giggles said...

Congratulations!! Twice!! Good luck with taxes...we'll be here...don't worry! Take care!