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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Apparently cranky, senile, lying asswipe John McCrackhead researched the rules of the Senate yesterday and found an obscure rule about holding meetings AFTER 2 pm., and thus ended most productive activity on "the hill" for the day. woot, woot for you Mr. Dementia - you have proven your childish, loser ways. As much as I detest your opponent in the upcoming Arizona Senate race - I HOPE HE BEATS YOUR ASS!! At least he would come in as a freshman senator with hardly any clout at all.

For as much as the "teabaggers" (I hate the vision that comes to mind) and other GnOP'ers seem to think they will overtake the house and senate in the next election, they may be shooting themselves in the foot.

Yesterday, the phone calls to some senators, threats and vandalism to homes is inexcusable. These are acts perpetrated by those of lesser intelligence (the brain dead), who are easily led by those shouting in their direction. After listening to snippets of phone messages left for a couple of senators - one only has to hear two seconds to realize these are not Harvard grads. These people are the sycophants of the "wingnuts" of the right - those who rush home to sit in awe of the Beck's and Hannity's, or those who turn that radio dial to listen to Mr. Limpdick himself.

Who is going to be held responsible when one of our representatives is hurt or possibly killed? What about the families of these elected officials? John Boehner offered the lamest of apologies, after it was made public about the vandalism to one reps brother's home (propane gas line severed). He can scream the loudest, but run and hide the quickest as well.

Is not achieving the goals of getting work done for our country - more important than "bringing down Barack Obama?" I personally believe there may be more than enough room at Gitmo for these treasonous bastards. Yes, I mean that. These fukktards were elected to do a job - and they get paid quite nicely for that job. But, by refusing to work - it is tantamount to treason (government jobs remember), and all should be subject to recall or prosecution.

We are literally back to "square one." We need to garner our support for our party and send that strong message - one that apparently has not been heard - YOU LOST, to the rethugs! We heard Hannity say that phrase more than enough after Bush stole the election in '04! Let's work to get our country back on line and profitable once again. The corporatist rethugs will NOT cooperate in any fashion, so we have to work around them.

If the "party of NO' would quit pissing me off...I wouldn't have to come back here and chastise them...........AGAIN!!!!

Lots of work to do, catch y'all..............later!!!!!!!!



Kulkuri said...

I'm afraid it's going to get worse before it gets better because of the idiot talking heads you mentioned(and a ton of others). Until someone slaps their peepee in a way that hurts and holds them responsible for the hate they foment, it'll be more of the same.

Liberality said...

they ought to be ashamed of themselves but are not--no, they aren't, they are proud of their ignorant ways. it's so pathethic...

kenju said...

I thought you were supposed to lay off politics and keep from getting upset?!

themom said...

Kulkuri: I agree 1000%.

Liberality: They are sincerely happy with their actions, I believe. We will see how America views them, come election time.

Kenju: shhhhhh.....the kids don't know I'm "blowing off." I find it therpeutic. Better out than in - and since they want to put a defribrilator in my chest - I may have to be quiet again - so I don't get jump started!

aironlater said...

The House is set to pass the "minor fix" ( Pell Grant issues ) tonight and this will be yet another example of how Republican obstructionism is an abject failure.

aironlater said...

But to more adequately reference the reality of your post, Glenn Beck is doing his best to place blame for all violence ( that which is already being reported and that that has yet to happen ) on the Democrats. I have a post up about it that you should check out.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

FINALLY the silent majority might actually stand up to these cowards and take your country back. This is what I have been waiting to hear.

Utah Savage said...

I'm hoping the FBI and Capital Police keep the lid on. It's scary shit. The brown shirts are really acting like brown shirts.

Mnmom said...

They may be stupid, but they are also likely to lock & load and head to a mall somewhere to "get" our attention. That's what scares me.

I point the finger of blame right at FOX and their pals. They get the wingnuts all stirred up.

TomCat said...

The blame rests with the GOP Reichsministry of Propaganda, Faux Noise, and with the leadership of the GOP. During the health care vote, GOP Congressmen and Congresswomen appeared on the balcony overlooking the came crowd that had spit on one black Democrat and called another a n*gg*r. They egged the crowd on and held up a picture of Nancy Pelosi, while making throat cutting motions with their fingers.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

hi Mom, Haven't been by in a while. Good post. Olberman is right. . . the repubs have made themselves irrelavent.
You lookin lovely as ever.