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Sunday, May 28, 2006

...don't pay the ransom - I'M BACK!!!

I can't believe it has been a week since I last blogged. My how time flies..blah, blah, blah! I really have been busy, but can't think of anything major I have accomplished. Last Monday, took the daughter back to Columbus to get the cast removed, and that was a day from hell - a murphy's law day. She was in a lot of pain and still cannot move the wrist at all. The doctor scheduled physical therapy at Martins Ferry Hospital which is approximately 8 miles from home - so that is a good thing. Well, maybe!! She scheduled her appointment for Thursday and when we showed up, they didn't do the therapy because the doctor had written a therapists name on the form and she is no longer employed there. DUH!! Tried to tell them that it didn't matter, her name just happened to be a reference on the list he had. Mind you - this place is a specific HAND THERAPY office. But no, had to come home and get the doctor's phone number - give it to therapists office and wait to see what happens. The next day (Friday), therapist called and said doctor gave the OK -- whatever??? I truly hate dealing with morons.

Beginning yesterday, we are in the grip of a hot spell. Ninety plus degrees. Had to start the AC, and I am not a happy camper. That means an escalating electric bill, and higher utilities do not make me happy. Finangled with the phone company this week to get my bill lowered. It worked, had to add 2 types of service (call waiting and call forwarding) to get a break and it lowered my DSL by $10 too. Total monthly savings will be $20. Every little bit helps.

Got up early this morning (5:30 am as usual) and got dressed and got groceries for a cookout. Made potato salad, pasta sald, baked beans, my special barbeque sauce, and chicken. It was super. Mom2 and Kimberly came down and sent a plate hom to Russ. My oldest daughter and her new husband were supposed to come but forgot and made other plans. They may stop tomorrow before he heads back to Indiana. (Cable installer and works independently.)

I've been getting things together for my cruise, making lists, etc... getting excited really. Just to get away and chill out is such a relaxing thought. Just have to ensure that everything will be OK on the homefront while I am away. Don't want people in my house while I am gone. Quirky, but that is how I feel.

Slyght had a bout of "Delhi Belly" or Montezma's revenge of India, and I hope he is feeling better by now. Would hate to think he is pooping his life away, BAD MOMMY!!!

Gonna crash for now, I am worn out. Thedaughter and Colton have gone somewhere, but hope she brings him home soon, he needs a bath and to get to bed. He is a little cranky. BTW, gave him $5 bill to get something from the "Good Humor" man, and he picked a Spider Man Popsicle - $2 frigging dollars!! wtf!!! talk about inflation.
He came in with $3 and said "look what the ice cream man gave me!!" needless to say it was my change from the five - to keep him somewhat calm I had to give him a dollar so I could get two. Amazing what one has to do to keep peace.

More later, take care all!! 12 DAYS TILL CRUISE!! YIPPEE!!!


slyght said...

mmm a cookout sounds SOOO good. i know how the heatwave works but a cookout... yummy. too bad about TheOlderSister and TheNewBrotherInLaw. they are busy youngins. so did you figure out your vid camera yet? like it? hope so.

my delhi belly is better. love you.

jean said...

thanks from me and kim for the invite...the food was great as usual...ty also from russ...next ones on me at donalds of course...i don't even have a grill...stay happy that cruise will be here befor you know it...i am so wanting to go with you...NEXT YEAR!! love