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Monday, May 15, 2006

Lovely Mothers Day

Besides being rainy and gloomy most of the day, Mothers Day turned out to be a lovely event. Thedaughter loved her gifts from her son and was in a good humor all day. I spoke with (and viewed on webcam) the son for almost an hour in the morning. His beard is growing in nicely, the "bug bite" is healing (after his personal surgery with nail clippers - argh!!!), and he made my day complete, just by electronic comunications.

Mom2's brother Donald invited us to his house for a cookout, and it was divine. He cooked steaks, deep fried chickens, lasagna and we took some side dishes. Nice, laid back afternoon and early evening. Thedaughter came down and brought the grandson, Mom2's family and Donald's girlfriends parents were all there, and as usual there was more than enough food. Mom2's son came in later in the evening, which was a real treat for her. She becomes cranky sometimes when she doesn't have her complete family on holidays, so that scenario was avoided. (hahahahaha)

Thegrandson played with the other kids and literally wore himself out, to the point of being a real grumpass. He does not understand that the other kids have to go home at some point and playtime is not eternal. He almost takes it personally and becomes unbearable. (but still love him to pieces.) Our big problem is getting him to go to bed without TV or lights on. He has been spoiled in that way. I can get him to sleep easily by laying with him and rubbing his back, but his mother doesn't want that anymore. I feel at least we should wean him away from that slowly. If he watches TV, he never goes to sleep. I am to blame for some of it, but when I am watching him, I let him watch TV for awhile then do the back rub thing and all is good. Doesn't work as well for his mother. Uncle Zac turns the lights out and just lays quietly in the dark with him for awhile and "zap" he is out. I don't have the ideal solution, but hopefully we will work something out for the little booger.

Enough for the moment. SLYGHT START BLOGGING, miss your humor and insight. Besides, you have to blog and tell everyone about the new job description. Oooooh - now we have a mystery.

Later, stay healthy all - 25 days now!!!


slyght said...

i'm glad you had such a good mother's day. i'm glad you like your camera. to bad i couldn't make it to crozier's. i like the food there, always a nice party.

jean said...

so glad you had a nice mother's day...me too...isn't donald just the best brother...we all do have a great family and i love our gatherings and i know you do too...see ya later jean