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Thursday, May 11, 2006

He doesn't listen to MOM...

Well, theson has done it again. I specifically told him NOT to buy me anything for Mother's Day or for any of the immediate upcoming holidays, as he has done more than he should. Today the UPS shows up at the door with a box (from Amazon) and I sign for it (a rarity), and place it in the living room, as that is where all of thesons purchases go. later on, thedaughter asks me what I ordered from Amazon, and I said "nothing, what are you talking about?" She proceeded to tell me the box I signed for was for ME. (Note: I wasn't wearing my glasses when I signed for the package either.)

I verified that it was for me and tore into the box savagely. OH MY GOD!!! Theson got me a JVC Everio Hard Disk Camcorder. This thing is the bomb. Takes digital pics as well as recordings. Strange as it may sound, this morning I was telling thedaughter that I was going to dig out my old camcorder to take on the cruise. Well, fuggedaboutdat. This unit fits in the palm of your hand (no kidding), and is sooooo light. Amazing. I have figured out how to charge it, take a pic and record. As far as the special effects it has and all the "fluff", I will have to PRACTICE!! The unit came w/ 9 books. Actually only three are necessary, as there is a set in spanish and french also. My understanding is that I can then download pics and recording to a CD when I am done. This is too cool. Now I have to figure out how to beat my son for being so very good to me.

Now for the reality check. the daughter mentioned that this camcorder may very well be for Zac and somehow my name got on the packaging ---- NAH!!! Too bad, possession is 9 points of the law. lalalalalalalalala..! Too late, he will have to wrestle me for it, and that is just too over the top. I am old, fat and fragile. HEE HEE.

Rainy, crumby day here. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and sunny, now chilly (60 ish) and rainy. Gonna stay that way for the next 6-7 days. YUK!!

Thegrandsons last day of preschool was today. We spent the day with the whole class, ate a sack lunch (in the classroom as the rain precluded our trip to Wheeling Park.) Some of those kids I could have strangled. Wild, loud and apparently throughout the school term - learned nothing about sharing. I am sure the teachers are going to enjoy some solitude over the next couple of months. Hope I can teach him to ride a bike over the summer, haven't done that for awhile.

Gonna go for now, stay healthy all. 28 days from tomorrow - sailing, sailing!! lalalalalalala


slyght said...

i'm an ASS!!! hah, hope you like it and use it to make lots of sex-tapes... er, i mean, friends.

hello, raul, so are you my NEW daddy?

the daughter said...

you should learn to figure out a way to ship presents without the costo of the item in the box when it arrives. Mom knows how much you paid and is in ah about it especially because how awesome it is but also over the pricey cost of it. It was wonderful though.