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Sunday, May 21, 2006

...daVinci debate or propaganda?

instead of the "infomercials" which run all night long, i have been switching channels and found that one religious channel was having a discussion (only one sided though) about "the daVinci code." It amazes me, that they are harping that this book and movie are only tearing away the deep seated traditions and mores of the bible. Now I have to consider this: the bible and daVinci Code are both BOOKS. each writtten about 2000 years apart. one was written by many individuals over a great period of time - with no hard evidence to support its claims or statements, and the other more recent book was written by one man with backup up reseearch from other books of the same genre. I consider that both belong in the "fiction" section of the library.

this one gentleman was referring to those who "fall" for the daVinci concepts as cultists, but then what are the people who swear by every single word of the bible? at one point the discussion moved to the sect (cult) within the catholic church called "opus dei." i saw an interview with four members of this cult and they are scary. well dressed and spoken individuals in high paying jobs and have nothing. Opus Dei requires that all financial assets be turned over to the "church" and they physically abuse their bodies in service to God daily. Oh by the way, Opus Dei has been an official sect for only 77 years. there is a barbed "bracelet" of sorts called a cellus (pronounced sill-us) they wear for hours at a time wrapped around their thigh. I suppose because your "bad thigh" made you do bad things. and not to forget the knotted whip for self flagellation.

My question is: where does religion start or cults for that matter? what are the organized religions afraid of from a movie? I taught my children at an early age, that movies are not real (unless otherwise stated), just created entertainment.

For a work of fiction, these anti da vinci groups are really hyping the movie whether they admit it or not. Now for Leonardo daVinci. Other than Stephen Hawking (the smartest individual I can think of at the moment), I can't think of anyone as versatile and of a genius nature that we should even comment "against" him. The man was a scholar, artist, engineer, scientist, and anatomy instructor. Definitely a man before his time. He invented the first machine gun for heavens sake. With a brain such as his, I would not be shocked to consider that he put subtle clues in his paintings and other works.

Slyght bought the book a long time ago and I have been wanting to read it, so I bought a paperback for my cruise. I hope there are no religious fanatics to rip it out of my hands and throw it overrboard.

This one gentleman had me laughing, he kept saying over and over, "I am not telling people to boycott the movie, but why should we put our dollars in Sony's coffers over a pack of lies." If he said it once he said it twenty times, makes me want to buy stock in Sony now. And all these new books are coming out to contradict da Vinci code, and reference the Bible, of course and writings from centuries past. Now back to my initial statements, who is alive to verify "old" statements and where is the evidence?

I may burn in hell, but so be it, that is how I feel, and I always love a good argument.

5 am and I think I will go back to bed now. Stay healthy all - 19 DAYS TILL SAILING TIME!!

***Note: daVinci Code grossed $224 million over 3 day span, second only to Star Wars. Gotta love Sony.


slyght said...

you go girl. i agree totally

Paul said...

The only difference between a cult and a religion is the size and influence of it's membership. I remember whe Scientology was considered a cult and now, thanks to the support of celebs it's become a mainstream religion, even if it is still controversial...