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Monday, June 05, 2006

...five days and counting

It is 1:45 am Monday morning and apparently I have had enough sleep for the night- ARGHHHH!!! Tried to blog yesterday and the day before, but I did the "Personality Test" from Slyght's site and tried to put in this blog and really fukked things up. After deleting both posts, they were still showing up on this site and changed every aspect of the blog. It definitely wasn't pretty.

I have never considered myself as a dumb individual, but for the life of me I have more trouble adding links to this site, and slyght tells me how "easy" it is. NOT. I believe I do much better with visual instruction in my "twilight" years than the written word. When I was younger (soooo long ago) I could just read instructions and "go at it" but not anymore. I must have suffered some sort of brain damage along the way.

Thanks slyght for fixing the problem!!

Leaving this coming Friday for Ft. Lauderdale and sailing on Saturday. My very bestest friend, MOM2, is unable to cruise again this year, due to some physical disabilities, DAMNIT!!! But she better be fine and fit next year as we are planning a 9 day cruise on the Crown Princess out of NYC, and sails to the Turks and Caicos. That should give the neurologist plenty of time to fix what ails her. Definitely more fun with Mom2, as we have a blast "making fun of" all the other people on the cruise. Not in a hurtful way, but in a "they wish they were us" kind of way. YUK YUK! I was looking through all my paperwork for this trip (cruise papers, air reservations and hotel reservation), when I noticed that the hotel I booked had a one star rating out of five. After more checking, I started getting a little worried. So I called Hotels.com and was able to switch to a better locale (get this: a totally non-smoking hotel), for $20 more. I must be nuts.

Have you read about the massacre of the seven people in a home in Indianapolis? It was quite tragic, three children under the age of 11 and 4 adults were shot in their home by 3 or 4 home invaders. Well they caught one guy and then another surrendered to police at the local Hardee's with his minister by his side. My point is this: the sites for comments about this act and the perpetrators on the internet have had me irate as ususal. Especially the ones like - "it was an ACCIDENT, and to forgive the poor guys." Excuse me, I accidently swept my semi automatic guns throughout the room and these poeple just got in the way?????!!!! And to practice forgiveness, blah blah blah! NOPE - AIN'T GONNA DO IT!! Let me start the lethal IV drip, or pull the switch or whatever it takes to rid the planet of this kind of vermin. Between eyewitness accounts and forensics, it is proven that these individuals perpetrated the crime - BANG you are done!! No more tax dollars being spent for their care and housing. I have always chuckled at the statements that it costs more to execute an individual than to house them for 30 or 40 years. Last time I checked a bullet still cost under a buck. And the chemicals for lethal injection do not cost thousands of dollars. ENOUGH OF THIS MORBID SUBJECT. I just get very upset with the moronic mentality we face sometimes.

As for the Personality test, I did not amaze myself at all, guess because I already know who I am, and at this point I probably will not change much.

OKAY PAUL - get on the stick and blog. May 18th was such a long time ago, fill us in on what is happening, any exciting bike trips?? Work going well?? Anything, something!!! C'mon guy, I have no life, need to catch up on others.

Everyone email Emma (Saddle Tramp) on Tuesday, her 28th birthday!!! Wonder how good an Indian Birthday Cake really is?? Maybe Slyght will get her something nice!! Like a big hug and sloppy kiss!! haha!

Gonna go for now - have to go tan in 6 hours. hee hee. More later.

Stay healthy all!!


slyght said...

TheMom broke 1000 visitors. congrats. not bad for a few months work. later.

jean mom 2 said...

well gonna miss you next week...sure wish i could have gone with you...probably won't have any fun without me...WHO are you going to find to critique all the other passengers as well as you and i do...oh well...have a great time...thanks again for the delicious supper carrie....jean