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Saturday, May 13, 2006

dreary and depressing day...

It almost seems like a fall day. Chilly and cloudy and sends me into a depression of sorts. I have a tendency to dwell on all the bad and very little good, on days like this. The guy just cut the grass, but I am going to have to get my lawnmower out and get it running, this goofball charges me $25 for 1/2 hour of work. My side lot is flat and totally unobstructed and w/ all the junk in the backyard, probably isn't more than 50 square feet to cut. I like to cut grass, but everyone worries I may have another heart attack. Pshaw!!! I can do it in increments.

The neatest event happens every spring on my back deck. (Since 2001). When my sister died, I received a beautiful "spoon" basket, and I hung it and filled it with fake flowers shortly thereafter. Robins have been nesting in it since then. Each nest is made on top of the last. Right now there are 4 robin eggs in the nest and the mother robin gets highly pissed every time I open the back door. Last year, while I was on my cruise, the nasty blackbirds knocked 3 of the eggs out of the nest, so we try to watch them if possible. thegrandson is totally enthralled by it all. The dog can't figure out why the bird is screaming at her all the time. LOL.

Just cleaned thegrandsons toy room and discarded a lot of old toys and pieces of toys. Looks great for the moment, but probably won't stay that way for long. Laundry is going thru the process and going to start on the kitchen now.

Hopefully, my best friend and I will go to Red Lobster for dinner. We always have fun, and all we do is GAB!!! No one is safe from our clutches - the entire public is fair game. We can be merciless too.

More later, this was just a "fill the time" blog.

Stay healthy all - 27 DAYS!!!

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