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Monday, May 08, 2006

just resting and catching up...

Well, almost a full week of unemployment. still scared, but guess that will last till i find another job. trying to cut back on some things (wish i hated to shop) to stretch the $$$. I have gotten my front porch in order and have to tackle the back deck now. that will be an alL-day project, as during the fall and winter months, i notoriously "throw" everything back there. so i guess you could call this pay back on me.

the daughter doesn't make it easier either. she misses the point that we have to work together (since she is currently in a cast and cannot work.) no matter what, there is always something that has to be done. she goes to bed late and sleeps till noon or 12:30 and it is hard to accomplish a lot on that schedule.

the grandson's last day of pre-school is this thursday, then he is off till he starts kindergarten in late august. then SCHOOL forever. poor baby. but he has a curious mind and loves to learn so hope he goes far in this world.

that damn "BUSH COUNTDOWN CLOCK" is not going fast enough. the a**hole is still fukking up everything. now he has appointed a "military" person to head the CIA ?!?!?! let's see, he bugs your phone and internet, and now wants a military guy in to suveil the masses even more. NOT. i think there will be a stink over this one. (at lease that is the ramblings so far.) poor me - may have to get on my soapbox again.

had a great day yesterday. mom2, oldest daughter (newlywed), and i went flea marketing and then to BW3's. mom2 was totally impressed with bdubs. guess we will have to do that again sometime soon.

everyone read slyghts blog today about the t-shirt "give away!" HILARIOIUS!!!!



the daughter said...

The daughter is depressed highly and in pain most of the time so please bitch to her not the world. You may get sick but I am sick of the last few months and the next few months to come. But I doubt someone like you would even come close to understanding how I feel!!!!

slyght said...

easy kid, where's that new leaf? mom's had open-heart surgery, multiple heart attacks, back surgery, numerous other surgeries, THREE kids, and she still manages to get the bills paid, try to keep the house clean, and she still doesn't complain as much as you.

relax, you'll feel better soon, and just help out as much as you can. as long as you are saying things like this "But I doubt someone like you would even come close to understanding how I feel!!!!"... i know you are oblivious, and you don't need to e-mail me until you get your head on straight. you can do it, but this is your temper getting the best of you again.

the daughter said...

It is hard especially with the pain and when the docotr is telling me I am doing too much as it is. I didn't sign up for all of this and I want it to be over. I will sell everything I have in the basement because I am broke and so you or noone else has to worry about me. by the way i know it is you giving mom the cash to pay bills so don't pull the bs. i hate this and everything about it. you don't and couldn't understand. as for emailing you don't worry just another person who could care less. i will sell everything i own!!!

slyght said...

no need to do that. i wasn't hiding the money. i'm helping mom to help you. no worries. just get healthy. love ya. you should blog more often. it's good for venting