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Thursday, May 18, 2006

i have had enough....

Today started out with a plan. I was finally going to jump into getting my kitchen back in order. During tax season I had moved all my files up and it had become a mess. Files are now back in the basement, and it is 12:30 am Thursday morning - and I am ready for a breakdown, but I digress...

As I was "rearranging" the hutch (moving to another wall), and I then proceeded to move the unit holding my printers, laptop and some office supplies - it collapsed and everything went crashing to the floor. I had electronics strewn everywhere. While the daughter started unplugging and sorting the stuff out, I ran to WalMart to get a stronger shelving unit. When I returned home, she had gotten a friend to come help with the mess. We put the new unit together, and began reconnecting all the electronics and luckily - EVERYTHING IS FINE!!! Oh what a mess.

With all the moving and up and down on the stool (to clean things "higher" up), my body was screaming at me. I then fixed a baked steak dinner, and went to bed at 9 pm. I think I fell asleep instantly. Thedaughter then woke me at midnight to tell me we had water coming in the basement. My nerves cannot take anymore. I spent $65K to have a new foundation put under my house in 2001 so I wouldn't have a swimming pool for a basement, but the jerk who did he job either did not put a check valve in the drain system or used shite materials. I need to have a check valve put in and have been nagging this guy for over a year to do it, and now look where I am?!?!? Tomorrow morning at 8 am he is going to hear from me. It has rained non-stop for several days now and I need this done. After Hurricane Ivan in 2004 - and I lost $20K in property because the basement flooded - I cannot go thru it again. I will more than likely not be able to go back to sleep now.

How ridiculous to get worked up like this - I have already gotten sick once, my stomach is in knots. I certainly do not handle stress well at all. I am my own worst enemy.

I am so glad Slyght finally started blogging again, I miss his humor and updates during the "down" time.

Gonna go for now - stay healthy all - 23 DAYS NOW!!!!

1 comment:

slyght said...

why can't anything ever go smoothly??!! i know how you feel. i was sriously thinking we were going to get out of her sometime in june or july but another gremlin jumped onsite. sucks. i'll never leave.

sorry about your water issues. does suck. but things will get better, they have to. love you.