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Friday, April 25, 2008

LIFE SHOULD BE MORE CALM!! Maybe it's just ME!

Since Tax season ended, I thought I might get a break and some rest, but this is just not happening. Between, getting thegrandsons homework, baseball practice, the needs of friends and family - there is truth to the adage "no rest for the wicked!"

On my political view, with gas prices rising at a ridiculously fast rate, groceries keeping right on pace with fuel - what is a person to do? On Wednesday, Dubya (pain in the ass to most Americans) made another brazen statement - "We are not in a recession, just an economic slowdown!" Again with the SPIN!! Are there really a majority of morons out there, that believe what this man says as gospel? And we know how I feel about these "stimulus checks" - what a travesty. We wil never be in a position to repay China for the loans we have made (not to mention the other countries) and we are supposed to sit back and recite mantras to this babbling fool. I THINK NOT!

Here in the Ohio Valley, the economy has relied on coal mines and steel mills for employment and boosts to local economy. Now we are almost ghost towns. Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel was an icon in the steel industry for decades, until most of the steel contracts started being designated to China. The steel output from China has even proven to be of inferior quality - but in someone's infinite wisdom - trade relations are far better than taking care of our own.

My theory (for what it is worth) - we need a woman in the White House. Most women are in charge of balancing the checkbook and budgeting for the household, most women are the arbiters of all squabbles and conflicts within the home, and sometimes outside the home (usually with amicable results), women know how to stretch a buck (and also get more bang for said buck), and women can accomplish more in a given day than any man. The days of being subserviant have long passed - and face it -----it doesn't get worse than it is now.

I have always said that men suffer from short-sightedness. They (as a rule - but not all) generally make decisions as to how said decisions will effect themselves or others, for the immediate time - never for what the long-term effect might be. That must be a throw-back to men's need for immediate gratification....YUK YUK! (...and I'm serious!)

Hell, I am leaving in less than 2 weeks and haven't even been near my suitcase. I have decided not to take a lot of clothes, as theson has a washer and dryer - and I know how to use them. Lugging heavy suitcases is not my idea of fun. I learned long ago though, always carry a change of clothes (AND MAKEUP) in the carry-on - as luggage can always be lost. I leave on May 6th - I will probably pack...hmmm...that morning. I really hate to rush into anything. **my "woman" theory again...even when I pack last minute - I remember everything! I am the greatest!

Gotta run - things to do...take care and stay well...TTFN!


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

The Clinton's made million$ after Bill left the White House. Time for the return on the investment. If Hillary gets in, you will have some of the same problems we have today. Just like Daddy Bush and Sonny Bush and the same friends each keep.

China is our 'dirty little secret' who keeps our prices low so as not to scare the sheep to not see the real crisis we are currently involved. The secret is trickling out, but not enough people have seen through the flag lapel pin, the 'they hate us for our freedom', the controversial reverends, the 'Bible says so's, and 99cent double cheeseburgers to really make a change. Maybe in 20 years.

Chickie said...

I always wait til the last minute to pack. It seems that as soon as I put something in the suitcase that I need it!