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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

American "sizing" charts SUCK!! Big Time!

OK - this is NOT another one of those cheesecake shots - this would be thegrandson in his new baseball socks! I ran to the sports shop yesterday to get his baseball pants and socks, and being the dwarf that he is - we buy the X-small's. Yes folks, these are XS Youth Baseball socks. I am not sure what country grows these HUGE extra small kids, but I really want to go there - or maybe not. I often wonder about these articles where women have lost 150 pounds and are now down to 140 and wearing a size 4 - now most women know this is an impossibility - but it is my one last wish before I die to get in THAT size 4! So if anyone knows where this country is that makes these "mis-sized" clothes - please let me know.

Thegrandson DID get to play under the lights, as the game started late and it was fucking COLD!!!! So I must tell you - his LONG socks did come in handy. The game didn't get over till 8:45 pm and now we head to Bob Evans for a very late dinner. I hate to inconvenience people and the sign on the door says they close at 9 pm - but we were so hungry. We were nice and made the order simple and were home by 9:45 pm. Just a note, we had the most beautiful young man (gay) waiting on us, and thedaughter wanted so bad to ask about his makeup - but didn't. She figured if she asked, he would be our new best friend and we would get home even later. But he truly was a great guy.

This was to be a short post, just about the socks, but as usual, I ramble. I have been preparing deeds and affidavits in order for theRuss to transfer his property, and got all the paperwork completed yesterday and had it checked, so he will take care of all that tomorrow. When we originally checked at the Recorders office, they allude to the fact that we must see an attorney to have papers prepared - well, duh, why pay them when it is relatively simple to prepare yourself. So I saved theRuss about $200 in attorney fees. So cool - now I can start preparing mine to transfer my property to theson. I'm so talented I often shock myself. UGH!

Gotta run - things to do (client coming later today who hasn't filed a tax return in 10 years!) Just shoot me now! TTFN - stay well all!


The daughter said...

Turns out the waiter was a friend of a friend and he would have loved it if I would have told him how pretty he was. Apparently he loves the comments.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

My brother played baseball as a kid and I seem to remember the socks being extra long then too. Oh, and lots of designer clothing runs "vanity sizing", like Liz Claiborne. I've found that Old Navy does too on some items. I wear a 6 in real life, but can often buy 4s and even 2s at Old Navy.

slyght said...

something you added (either your mood button, your "proud blogger" button, or your neoplanet) has installed a popup screen on your blog. remove them one at a time, reload, and see if the popup is gone. you're welcome. see you soon.

Chickie said...

Those are crazy long socks! LB plays ball and his hit right under his knees!