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Sunday, April 20, 2008


Tax season is now over and I have taken a few days break from blogging - although I have tried to keep up with viewing the rest of my fellow bloggers sites. Thedaughter is working a steady 3-11:30 pm or 1-9:30 pm shift, so babysitting is all I seem to do. The mother challenges fall back on me, with seeing that the homework is done and that we make it to baseball practice. Of course while the little stinker is in school, there is always houswork to do - something thedaughter never accomplishes.

When I return from Egypt, I am going to tackle "the basement." I imagine that will be at least a 2 day job. My basement has turned into a netherworld of "not sure where to put this" items. When in doubt - pitch it to the basement. Out of sight - out of mind. But it is driving me nuts, because I at least like organization. Since I am looking forward to my trip, I have come to the conclusion that it would be better to tackle this job AFTER I return, as I will probably throw my back out, or have a massive coronary. Ha!

My new Dell Laptop arrived on Thursday, and I have been going nuts transferring data from the old laptop to this one. Yesterday I tried to find a USB to USB cord for easy file transfer, and was unable to locate one, so I have been using my 2GB flash drive, going back and forth from one unit to the other.

I have told thedaughter she may USE my old laptop, I am not giving it to her, as I have data on there that still needs transferred, also, she isn't known for taking very good care of "stuff." I set up an account for thegrandson, so he can play his games and go to the math site for help. First, I am teaching him the proper way to open and shut down. Sometimes he just likes to hit all the keys, but he is learning very quickly. He likes the fact that he has his own password and no one else will know it - but for the fact that he tells everyone - so funny.

I have cleaned both closets in my bedroom and have so much stuff to donate to Goodwill, and thedaqughter says "NO way - I am having a yard sale." I don't have a problem with yard sales, just that hauling all the stuff in and out is too tedious. The last yard sale thedaughter had with her friend, left my front porch loaded with all their crap for over a month. My thoughts are that what doesn't sell - immediately goes to Goodwill. We shall see how this project evolves - till then, my "stuff" is headed to THE DAMN BASEMENT!" Argh!

I have to get my nails done today and finish up some laundry - so I am going to get started. Everyone have a great weekend and TTFN.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I may have to try to organize my entire house - I can't find a file folder I need... I know it's around here somewhere...

Chickie said...

The boys killed a desktop and it took for-evah to get it running again. They liked to smash keys and click the mouse wildly if things weren't running fast enough to suit them.