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Monday, April 07, 2008

thesons DILEMMA?!?!?!?!?

theson hasn't cut his hair in at least 14-15 years and I LOVE it long. He has been running a poll on his blog, as to whether to cut or not to cut. I had even gone so far as to try and stack the poll in favor of NOT cutting, but I got tired of rebooting my computer. Needless to say, the majority is favoring a shearing. If he does cut his hair, he is donating his tresses to "Locks of Love." That makes this a worthy effort.

I envy ETW on her Canon Rebel XT camera, but I purchased slightly lower than that. I bought the Canon PowerShot S51S today (picture above taken with new camera.) It has all the features I could possible need, and hopefully theson will help me play with it later this evening. I'm really excited just to be upgrading...I will let thedaughter use my little Sony Cyber shot.

On another note I just read that Condoleeza Rice is interested in being McCains' VP...now, has anybody noticed how little (if anything) this woman has done while in her position? And won't Bush be jealous losing her to another man? OOPS...can you tell I am not a Rice fan??? Just a thought.

So much for all I have to say tonight. Be back later. TTFN


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I like the bald look on men. Now, that's a bit extreme for your son (going from long to nothing), but I also must vote on cutting and donating. That hair is beautiful.

slyght said...

ETW: i'm not going to nothing, i'll still have a small ponytail or mini-fro.

TheMom: i envy your camera, dammit!

Chickie said...

I voted to keep the hair. I'm just jealous because I've been growing mine back out for 2 years.

rennratt said...

I vote to cut just enough to donate. The minimum length is 10"; he has more than enough to still keep it reasonably long AND do a great thing!