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Sunday, April 06, 2008

I call it SPIN or at least "How to sound like a moron!"

I have read this article several times and always go back to the 2nd paragraph and what the idiot, moronic anonymous law enforcement officer was quoted as saying; "in case they're involved in sensitive areas that could escalate into a negative reaction." Maybe it is my midwestern life, but we call a spade a spade...we don't pussyfoot around and try to make every statement "flowery."

I now believe that all law enforcement personnel are taking courses in HOW TO ADDRESS THE PRESS! I have listened to our local police officers and I KNOW how stupid they are, but when addressing the media - they use phrases that a) have no pertinence to the situation, b) use fifty cent words that they have failed to look up in the dictionary c) actually try to look like they are making an astounding and intellectual presentation. NOPE - THEY ALL LOOK AND SOUND MORONIC!!!!

As to the quote I have referenced above - wouldn't it have been much easier to say "we have medical and police backup in case we fuck up like the Koresh/Davidians mess in Texas!" No, I'm not a rocket scientist, but in order to cover their collective asses, I guess it is much easier to make a flowery non-sensical statement.

Amen...I am done for today...
TTFN - more later.

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