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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oh My ACHING Back!!!....

This is the time when I like to sit back and relish "the accomplishment!" That accomplishment being - cleaning thegrandsons TOY ROOM...
Thegrandson spends a great deal of time in this room, playing PS2 games, watching TV, coloring, whatever. He has his mothers genes though when it comes to cleaning. I finally started throwing things the other night when I could not get into my storage closet (hidden on left). Thegrandson is great at taking things out yet never putting them back. Thedaughter is constantly yelling at him to get it cleaned, and "grounding" him when that isn't done. When she left for work today, she said to make sure HE cleans the room - and that she would be able to tell if I did the job. BIG WHOOP! I can't get her to understand that he is seven and he will not entirely clean anything on his own, YOU have to have him help. He helped sort through all the colored bins, and amazingly threw out a lot of stuff, while I sorted them. Then we tackled all his books, and he discarded all the ones that were too young for him. While he "took a break" I managed to discard quite a bit of other junk - when he can't find it later, well, my answer will be "haven't got a clue!"

The downside to all this is my back is now KILLING me! I am not a stupid person and know I have a bad back - but the job needed to be done. Now, if I can only get him to find the missing DVD's and PS2 games. I've got the cases - no contents.

Theson referenced my trip to Egypt on his blog, yet got the dates way wrong. I think he has been in the desert sun too long maybe. He commented that "with my sternum" problems, camel riding may be precarious. I must explain, when I had my triple bypass 5 years ago, my breastbone never knitted together. Apparently I am allergic to the wire they used and my skin/tissue pulled away instead of together. I can move my shoulders or take deep breaths and I can feel the bones overlapping and rubbing. I "hear" a clicking sound, which I know is not audible but I don't know how to explain it otherwise. Theson and others have said to have it fixed - now I have had my chest cracked open once and boobs flopping off a table - I can't see me going through all that again - I will just deal with it. Beside I have a beautiful, almost un-noticeable scar - I'd hate to get a butcher a second time.

I have to feed the little urchin, so I better attempt to move - OUCH! I will take some Tylenol and a hot bath also!

Still looking at different cameras - not sure I need the Canon Rebel XT - but may end up there - having lots of fun looking though.

Take care all and be back later...TTFN!


slyght said...

i'll help you with your camera while i'm home. don't want you to go crazy with it, and did you REALLY have to talk about your boobs. you're STILL my mom, ick!

themom said...

OK Mr. Porn King - just because what you watch are "perky" or saline filled "boobs" - a fact of life exists that I do have them also. Be glad I didn't take a picture - now that would warrant an ICK! LOL

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I liked the "I'll be back" at the end... pun, there? Sorry 'bout your back. My son is also a slob, but I have to give him credit for learning from his anal dad - all CDs/DVDs/Games go back into their respective cases when finished playing with them. The Evil Twin would have a fit if he ever saw them separated... LOL.

SagaciousHillbilly said...

I know a number of folks whose sternums crunch. I was told by one of them that they never really healed and they all did it?