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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Usually I am pretty well organized and can pack a bag better than most - that is if the object is getting the most in one - NOT necessarily keeping it within the baggage weight limits!

Theson has so many requests of things to bring him - and most are "weighty" items. Such as a power supply for his X-box, 2 bottles of Aveeno lotion (for Jules), 2 bottles of HOT SAUCE, blah blah blah. So yesterday afternoon after getting everything in my large suitcase, we were trying to weigh the damn thing and it kept registering at 56-59 pounds. With the luck I have, I went to the Internet to check out weight restrictions and fees - all the fees changed effective midnight LAST night. That's me - day late, dollar short! An overweight bag fee went from $50 to $100. Now doesn't that just suck? Back to the drawing board.

Thedaughter brought up 2 smaller bags (and I have decided not to take my tiny rolling carry-on) and we evenly distributed the contents. Each bag now weighs well under the 50 pound limit. Yippee! I will just carry a tote-like bag and my computer bag - and I am good to go. I never thought it would be this hectic - hell, I cruise every year and I guess it has just become a routine thing - but flying international is a new experience for me.

I may not get to Alexandria, as it is a 3 hour trip each way and theson will not be able to go with me - and I know he has a wonderful driver, but I don't know him that well and 6 hours travel time with a stranger does not appeal to me. We will see!

Still things to do, so I will try to blog from The Land of the Pharaoh's!! Everyone stay well and be back later!

Chickie - my heart goes out to you on little Chi-Chi's passing! Thinking about you.


Chickie said...

xbox? Who goes to Egypt and plays video games?

Have a great trip!

Buzzardbilly said...

Have a great trip! My ex-MIL went to Egypt and loved it. She brought back cooking spices that were grand from an open-air market. Killer Egyptian cotton sheets that I still covet to this day (even better than what you can buy here).