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Saturday, March 29, 2008

WOOHOO - Travel plans made for Egypt!

I have the best son in the entire world. He is flying me to Cairo, Egypt for a visit/vacation! We talked online this morning (if you can call his shite internet connection "talking") and he was making the flight reservations at the same time. He was shocked at the Business class rates ($4000-$8000), so I am flying economy. I have visions of sitting next to a grossly obese, hairy, smelly guy with a chicken in his lap - but hey, nothing lasts forever.

I am leaving Pittsburgh Airport May 6th to Washington, DC, to Frankfurt, Germany and on to Cairo. This is going to be so great. My friends can't believe I travel alone, but doing things (dining, shopping, travelling) alone has never bothered me. Theson was trying to send me through Amsterdam, but was worried about his mother getting stoned and missing the plane...DUH!! Took all the fun out of that! Did I mention how liberal we are??? I will be returning home on May 17th. Considering travel time of a day each way - this is super.

I started my tanning last week (late for me) so I won't burn to a crisp. Now I have to get on the stick and buy my new camera. I may go the way of ETW, and purchase the Canon digital camera. I don't know that I need the additional lens at this time, but we will see. Amazingly, my fellow bloggers and I have trudged along with our Sony Cyber-shots, but now we want quicker shutter speed for better pictures for our blogs and posterity. We are such an eclectic group.

Now, the big question...do I get on a camel or not? I think that would be so cool also, just to say "I have been on a camel", but do I want a saddle sore like the son? Oh, the decisions I have to make. Thesons'college roomate and his wife will be visiting at the same time, so I know we will have fun. I always got along well with theJay! When my husband died, thesons college friends were right here for him - which was a terrific act of thoughfulness.

I am so excited right now, I could jump out of my skin. I have been telling everyone I am going to Egypt, but no plans were actually made - NOW THEY ARE CARVED IN STONE!!! Hell, pull me off the ceiling now!

Gotta clean this house (always falls down around my ears during Tax Season), work on returns (have to pay for new camera), and maybe throw in some laundry. Thank heavens, thegrandson can entertain himself - or I would go completely bonkers. The sun is shining, travel plans made and I am happy - what more could this old bag wish for?!!?!?!?!


***Just an aside...thegrandson has always called me NINA - and now he is in to this "GRANDMA" thing...we can't have this. I may duct tape him to the wall later.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

LOVE your hair! That is so cute. Congrats on making the trip a done deal. That's really exciting and YES, you do have to get on a camel. I think it's in the rule book about visiting Egypt. Just one of those things....

With the Canon Rebel, unless you buy one with a lens included, you need a lens. I bought just the body from Circuit City and the lens from Amazon. Still waiting - I'm going nutz!

slyght said...

i love you and all, but getting a camel up and down is ROUGH!!! with your sternum "condition", maybe we'll go to a stable. sorry.

Chickie said...

Do you smell that? It is my jealousy burning because I don't get to go to Egypt! :)