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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

POOR BABY - Not getting better!

The poor baby hasn't improved - actually he has gotten worse. This picture does not show how severe the rash actually is, but to know thegrandson - he is a tiny little thing. He is 7 years old and only weighs 41 pounds - skinny as hell, but fine according to all the doctors testings relating to his size. Normally, he has the skinniest, longest fingers, but this morning he woke up crying because he couldn't "make a fist or bend my toes!" He was so swollen it just made me want to cry.

I had gone to vote, before thedaughter left for work, and when I returned (after picking up donut holes for the grandson), thedaughter met me on the porch crying, and in a panic because of the swelling. She said she had called the doctor and they asked why she hadn't taken him back to the ER - DUH! - There's a no-brainer. Without arguing, I just said bundle him up and lets get the hell out of here.

I will not make a nasty diatribe on the medical profession at this time - but I ought to. We spent 3 1/2 hours at the ER again, only to be sent home to take the same meds and maybe let him soak in an oatmeal bath. Oh, they did take blood and also a urinalysis, which revealed no major virus or protein. I think we heard more complaints from the ER doctor, that he needed to be 3 people today to take care of everyone - LIKE THIS IS MY PROBLEM!

I was IM'ing with theson yesterday (he's in Egypt) and thegrandson asked me if theson would call him on the phone. How could I say no. And theson obliged, and called thegrandson within 2 minutes. That phone call made the little fart's day. It is unbelievable the love he has for his Uncle. The call had a slight healing effect also.

It took 4 people to hold the stinker down so blood could be drawn - and a promise from me "the Nina" to buy him 2 games for his PSP or PS2 - and I think he has reminded me every hour on the hour. Bless his heart. ME AND MY BIG MOUTH!

Oh well, gonna try and get some meds down the stinker, maybe some food too!

More updates later...take care and stay healthy -- TTFN!


Chickie said...

Poor kiddo! Hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Rich | Championable said...

Yikes. Best wishes for a speedy, speedy recovery.