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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New "Medical" Conclusion.......?!?!?!?

To say that this situation has gotten to be ridiculous, is an understatement. Thegrandson has been taking his "gasoline" tasting antibiotic as prescribed (2 different ones) and instead of the rash getting better - it has manifested in a NEW way! The daughter and I were so upset we called the doctor (through his answering service) late last night. He said he wanted to see the little fart today after school. This is what we had to show the doctor:

The little guys fingers and hands are literally raw, and the rash is so red and painful. Consider that he is "peeling" from the first infected skin, the doctor now says he may go through another series of peeling skin. But I digress...apparently, it is the consensus that this is not from the strep infection but a reaction to his medications. I'm beginning to wonder which is worse the disease or the cure!

We will now wait till Friday morning and see how the appearance of this rash seems - if it is unchanged (not fading) we will be going back to the doctors again. He is off all the strong antibiotics as of this moment and can take Benadryl for any itching. I think thegrandson left a pound of dead skin in the doctors office during our visit - GOOD - let them clean up the mess for a change...bwahhahaha!

His attitude has even turned sour - he has become mean and nasty - just like his mother - and I want to kick them both! Grrrr... someday this whole mess will be a memory, if I last that long.

That's my update for now - maybe more after next doctor visit.


1 comment:

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Poor grandson! He's learning too early how to be a surly sick dude. Don't they all get like that? I hope, hope, hope you all get some answers - and soon! Keep us posted.