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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Medical Update on thegrandson

Well, I may end up going into my tirade about the medical profession after all. Our family physician saw thegrandson today and was immediately alarmed. His colleagues viewed the rash, redness and swelling and were equally baffled. He has "some" symptoms of scarlatina, but then again other signs lead in another direction. The were thinking Kawasaki's disease. I had a lunch date with a friend, and thedaughter called my cell almost crying, when the doctors mentioned this possible new diagnosis and were sending her to a pediatric specialist. My fatass immediately headed over to the hospital.

I was quite impressed with this pediatrician and I already knew his partner and his qualifications. He has serious doubts about the Kawasaki's, but feels it is either a serious strep or staph infection (but NOT MRSA.)

As a prelude, when he was initially taken to the ER, the only test done was a throat culture for strep - NEGATIVE. Tuedays visit to the ER involved a blood test for Mono and a urinalysis for proteins. No full screen labs at all. This pediatrician was visibly pissed - not to mention myself and thedaughter. (I am not done with the ER staff and their methods yet - letters of complaint will be written.) Now we have been to the lab and a full screening is being done on the urine and every blood test imaginable will be run. We won't know anything really till 9 am tomorrow. Thegrandson has been taken off the penicillin and is now taking Omnicef a very strong antibiotic which works against bacterial as opposed to viral. I pray this gives the little stinker some relief. I can't even take pictures of how horrible his little butt looks - his skin is peeling as if he had a serious sunburn.

I know you all could care less, I just need to vent somehow or I would go postal on those at the hospital and their blase attitudes. This little guy has been suffering and rather than admit "they might not know" what the problem is and consider referrals, they just say "take this" he'll be fine. If we didn't take the initiative of threatening to go to Children's Hospital, (and they start worrying about their liability premiums) I don't know how far they would go in treating the little guy.

Tomorrow, hopefully we will find out if we are on the right meds and hopefully exactly what we are dealing with. I'm pooped, I think I will take some Tylenol PM and head to bed.

Everyone stay well PLEASE!! TTFN

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Marie.... I sure hope your grandson is feeling better!! My heart goes out to you, Carrie and Him! I know how scarry sick kids can be!
Jane Ann