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Monday, September 03, 2007

someone remind me to beat my son...

I truly do not know that many people who would be excited about working in a "hurricane zone" except theson!!! He is actually sad, i believe, that he has missed Hurricane Felix as it now reaches Category 5 and is headed to Nicaragua and Belize. Personally, I have been thru smaller hurricanes, but never a large one and prefer NOT to. But, theson, ever the adventurer, would like to keep me worried till I die.

Theson called at 10:30 am and the guys are now on their way home from Myrtle Beach, and hope to arrive in Columbus around 8 pm. So I will have to get on the road around 6 pm in order to pick him up and get home to start his laundry and all that fun stuff! This could be a late night - and we will have to leave by 8 am tomorrow morning to head to Pittsburgh Airport for his flight to Trinidad. I think I will definitely need a nap tomorrow. Whew!!!

On the lighter side, the news agencies are all reporting about Bush and his unesxpected trip to Iraq, on his way to Australia. Duh must be trying to improve his image again - not working on me.
He made the comment on Friday, in regards to homeowners affected by the ARM mortgages and how they are going to lose their homes, because "these people bought homes they COULD NOT afford!" Such an asshole statement. These people, for the most part, knew they would be paying a changed amount once the ARM's changed in 2-3 years but NONE expected the sub-prime to allow for a 30% jump. Bush is still, and will always be - A COMPLETE MORON!! I am scared, just knowing that he will still be in office for the next 500+ days. Considering all the damage he has done in the past - can you imagine what is left for him to screw up?!?!?! Even though Karl Rove is not in the White House (supposedly resigned), he is only a phone call away, and can still micro manage the White House and stomp all over the Constitution! Be afraid - be very afraid...both are scary individuals.

My friend, who had emergency surgery, is still in the hospital and not doing well. He had to be placed back on the ventilator Saturday, as he has developed pneumonia. So I am still hoping for his quick recovery.

THEGRANDSON, will be 7 years old tomorrow - and is sad his Uncle will not be here. But he is having a party at school and we are taking him out to dinner and a movie. (Not to mention his presents!) No home parties for awhile - I got tired of cooking a bunch of food and laying out the $$ for a nice party and all his friends came to indulge in the free food and failed to even bring him a present - NO MORE - at least for awhile.

RICH|CHAMPIONABLE is "starting anew" literally - and I suggested "Rich's Female Army" to come to his aid - but he managed to get through it all on his own. Have no fear - we are a mean bunch of females (with spikey toed shoes) who "have his back!" AND HE KNOWS IT!! Good luck Rich!!!

Thegrandson and I are baking cupcakes in a little while for him to take to school tomorrow - so have to get some things done before we start.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

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Rich | Championable said...

If you had REALLY wanted to help me, you wold have sent ME cupcakes!


You rock.