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Monday, September 10, 2007

Now, let me rethink this a minute...NOT!!

Sen. Larry Craig has had a new vision apparently - and is having his lawyers try to "take back' his guilty plea for solicitation. This supposed ultra-conservative now has the backing of Sen. Arlen Specter and feels he has been railroaded and will regain the backing of his fellow political hacks. Did I miss something along the way...are they now going to use all their $$$ and connections to ruin the career of the police officer who arrested him (not entrapment)in a legal manner?? I see no other option in order to overturn his guilty plea. "Hey Larry!! Wake up, admit you are gay or bi and go on with your life!" Oh, but let me see, you can't do that because you have sat in judgement for so long against the gay community - you would be ostracized from both camps - might get lonely out there, huh?? I will be utterly pissed if he can pull enough strings to get his conviction overturned...but we know it is definitely possible for his Washington cronies to pull such a stunt.

I would also expect Bush to chime in in some manner with one of his asinine statements. I have been pondering all his phrases since the inception of HIS war - "Bring it on!", "They'll greet us as liberators", Mission Accomplished" and his latest "WE'RE KICKING ASS!" I can't wait to watch the grilling Gen. Petraeus is going to meet with, when he goes before Congress this week. I have a feeling they will paint him in to a corner and make him look like the lackey he is. The propoganda from the right wing has to stop - this is an ugly war with senseless deaths of our young men - for what??? For Bush to feel like a macho, powerful idiot?? No matter, the Democrats are just going to have to prepare themselves now, for the massive "cleanup" of this administration, when they take over in 497 days.

Now I have to take a Tagamet, since I got my ulcer in an uproar - just needed to vent so early in the morning.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.

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