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Thursday, September 27, 2007


For those of you unfamiliar with this lunatic - you can google various sites for pics. But during this trial his appearance changed at least 3 distinctive times. Phil Spector (and this was his 2nd "look") is a psycotic, narcicistic bastard. He has a history of pulling guns on women, as they tried to leave his house in the past, made many statements that women are c**ts and deserve to have their f'in heads blown off...yet this jury became "hung" 10-2 favoring guilty yesterday.

As theson states in his blog - I have been watching this trial from start to finish, involved in a chat room (now all very dear friends...lol) and essentially become a nervous wreck throughout this 5 month trial.

Some basic facts:
* Lana Clarkson was shot (in the mouth) in Phil Spectors house 2/3/03.
* Phil Spector came to door of his house with gun in hand, yelled at his chaffeur "I think I killed somebody!"
* 14 phones in house and he (Phil) never called 911
* Chaffeur called 911 - Police did not enter home for over 40 minutes - not sure whether a hostage situation existed
* Spector tasered by police for not cooperating - stating to police "I shot her but it was an accident. I can explain."
* Gun now laying at Lana's left foot (she is right handed). No prints on gun - wiped with wet diaper - same diaper used to wipe her face - by Phil. By the way, he wettened the diaper in a toilet to wipe all this.
* One more admission at police station - before Robert Shapiro (lawyer to stars) has him clam up.

And four years later - the trial begins. Spector has the big bucks and his defense team changed noticeably during the trial. One expert witness, Dr. Henry Lee, a forensic expert was declared "not credible" by the judge for hiding/losing a piece of evidence. One defense lawyer, Bruce Cutler (John Gotti's lawyer) was seldom seen in court, till he finally resigned a month ago. Please note that Cutler was accused of buying off jurors for Gotti.

I won't go into more detail because my fingers would be bleeding profusely in the end. But in the Court TV chat room, I made friends from all over and we all watched and analyzed testimony and evidence. (I even learned how to use mIRC.) Since we were privvy to the same things that the jurors were, the overall concensus was GUILTY. Needless to say, we were all irate and dumbfounded after yesterdays mistrial declaration.

The good news is that the LA District Attorneys office will be re-filing charges against Phil Spector and there will be another trial. I doubt that I will be watching it as avidly, maybe daily updates from CTV, because I hate to get this worked up over something that does not personally affect me - yet it is the basic premise of justice not being carried out due to celebrity in California. **Plus the smug attitude of Phil Spector, a schizophrenic, burned out, disgusting, Napoleonic troll.

I must say that, after reading numerous transcripts from his arrest to lawsuit against Shapiro, one question was asked of him, and his answer was, "well they say I am a genius...therefore..." DUH!!! LET'S GET THIS CORRECT - the term "musical genius" was applied because of the "wall of sound" he created - HE WAS NOT EINSTEIN!!! I would have preferred the term "innovator."

I could discuss this case for hours on end...but will not - aren't you happy now! We will see how the retrial goes and if JUSTICE CAN BE SERVED!


Mom2 is home from hospital, and to go thru outpatient therapy while awaiting an appointment with neurology team.

I must say at least while the jury was deliberating it gave me time to get some resumes out and submit a few job applications - so far the phone isn't ringing. I may have to end up at McD's soon.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN.


thedaughter2 said...

You have got to be kidding me...last week a watched a program that detailed the case so far...he is a total pig and soooo GUILTY... that's our justice system for ya...

luv ya

Rich | Championable said...

Nuts, man. Just wacky.