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Friday, September 21, 2007

I don't like spiders and SNAKES....YUCK!!

Yesterday, thedaughter and I went to the shed out back, looking for something (which we did not find) and very hastily thedaughter said "get out of here - just get out!" She was almost shoved up my ass getting out the door and stupid me - I am asking "what the f**k"" She said "SNAKE!" Ohhhhh Nooooo - if you want to see a short, chubby, lady run - it is not a pretty picture. I asked her what kind of snake and she said it wasn't actually a live, slithering snake she saw - it was this:

Please note that is not the "snakeskin" running across the picture (electrical wire), but note how the skin is wrapped around two beams in the shed. Now I have a few things I would like to get out of the shed - but can't see that happening in my lifetime. Guess everything will just have to rot away now - because "this" lady is done!! DONE - I repeat DONE, with storing anything out there.

As far as the title of this blog (from song) - spiders do not get me as upset as snakes - as long as the spider is smaller than my fingernail. I would rather play with mice and rats!

Mom2 is recuperating in a skilled care unit of the hospital - with a prescribed 21 days of OT and PT. Hopefully after that course is run - the neurologist will see WHY the weakness is in her arms and legs. (**I still think it all stems from spinal cord injury of 2 years ago!) We will see.

OH, and I am an avid "chatter" on the Court TV site, and for some reason I have been BANNED! I have not even used one single bad word I know - and not yelled at anyone and yet, they have banned me from the site. I don't know if this like a "time out" where they make me suffer for 24 - 48 hours or what. I am not a happy camper - as I have been following the Phil Spector trial - and am addicted to the chat we have all been having for 5 months - and NOW - while the jury is out and could come back with a verdict at any minute - I HAVE BEEN OSTRACIZED!!! I may need lots of drugs to get over this. I've even tried to access the site thru mIRC, and NOPE - my IP address is a no-no. Hope I survive this.

While I try to get over this despondency - everyone stay well. TTFN!!

***Just found out I was banned for saying "time to ignore someone" in chat room. How was I to know you couldn't use the word "ignore!" Go figure - someone is arguing my "case" but no guarantee of ban being lifted.


thedaughter2 said...

oh! my god! Did you have to post the picture....i would burn the shed....no way would I go near that thing...
luv ya

The daughter said...

Sorry snakes freak me out I saw skin and wanted to run and push anything out of my way doing so. You surely understand.