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Thursday, September 13, 2007

...and we can't have our opinions???

Kathy Griffin, a hollywood comic won an award this week and in her acceptance speech she took a whole different approach - and omg the backlash. In watching this video - the spokesperson for the Catholic church is so far off base - I just wanted to throttle him. At one point, he refers to Bill Maher (my idol) as a huge bigot - excuse me, he is so not bigoted, he just happens to claim he is an atheist - which is his right. Is the Catholic church so afraid that some people question their archaic teachings? They even have a pope now who wants to drag the church back to the dark ages - what's next "the Inquisition?"

Kathy Griffin made her speech, tongue in cheek, and this man is claiming that what she said is WORSE than the Don Imus statement - I think not. I don't approve of a church, any church for that matter, dictating what may or may not be appropriate, when it comes to a persons opinion or statements. Could it be that the Catholic church is having so many financial problems of late (due to the sexcapades of the celibate priest), and their only concern is $$$ at all times? This is a neverending subject - and I won't go any deeper - but I feel it is wrong for this self appointed God spokesperson to chastise Kathy Giffin for her statements. I am amazed that someone has not made a similar statement sooner than this. I say "people in glass houses" to this gentleman - and clean up your own house before entering others.

Whew, that feels better, hope Bill Maher jumps on this one tomorrow night.

I could say so much more - but will save it for a later time.

Everyone stay well and TTFN.

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