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Monday, September 10, 2007

So final...so sad!

This beautiful tree has stood tall and proud outside the front of my house (across the street) for the 22 years we have lived here...and today that era ended. When our neighbor passed away last winter, it broke my daughters heart, as when she would be gounded and sent to her room (younger years), she would open her bedroom window and yell across the street to John D, for consolation. John D was in his mid 90's when he passed, but a very likeable gent on the block. I asked him many times if he was ever worried about this tree, as it was soooo tall and in a good wind I had seen it almost touch the ground. His one word answer was "nope!" Now, the family is preparing to put his house on the real estate market and are doing some exterior and interior repairs (John was a retired contractor but did very little in updates the past 30 years), to make it more marketable.

Now the tree is gone...so final and sad. This company contracted to undertake this task has done a wonderful and speedy job, I must say. I am getting an estimate to "top" some trees in my back yard that are unbelievably tall, and if a good wind would topple them - they would be in my living room. So there may be some good in this.

Things to do...just thought I would post for posterity. LATER


slyght said...

i never really noticed the tree, i guess, until now that it's cut down. just part of the background.

glad to see you are getting more proficient at posting pictures and links. congrats.

themom said...

You are a good teacher - with a little patience (sometimes!) XXXOOO