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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Some people are truly UNGRATEFUL...or asses!

The hometown Bellaire Big Reds football team has produced several outstanding athletes, who have gone on to fame in the NFL - one such individual is Joey Galloway. He wears #84 as a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, formerly with the Seattle Seahawks. Ever since joey left Bellaire and started developing in the NFL, he never forgot the high school football coach who helped him and the school athletic program. For many years now, Joey has donated $$ for various projects to benefit the young boys in the athletic program, such as outfitting a weight room (cost approx. $100,000) and the now retired (this season) coach had given Joey his own key to this weight room to utilize whenever he may be in town.

Joey was in town several weeks ago (before spring training) and was working out in the weight room, when the new football coach (not liked by many at all) came in and told him to leave, that the students would be coming soon. Joey asked if the coach might want him to speak to these young men, as he has in the past, and coach told him emphatically, "NO- just leave!"

Needless to say, it has been learned that Joey will probably not be endowing anything more for the athletic program as long as this coach is in control. I find this very sad. I am not a fan of the new coach, as there has been an outbreak of viral meningitis, and it originated with the football team, yet the coach still had some of these students playing. I worry about siblings of these players and it filtering down to the elementary and middle schools. One would have to understand that this school puts all emphasis on sports and minimal emphasis on academics - for that I have always been furious.

Anyway - just wanted to vent a little. I just feel you never look a gift horse in the mouth and now we have a new coach that just as much "killed the horse." Joey has taken advantage of good financial advisors and is part owner of the Arena Football team, Columbus Destroyers, and will probably go into broadcasting when his NFL career ends. Small town boy DID make good - and for that he deserves a lot of credit. As for the new coach - RASPBERRIES.


theson is currently in Trinidad, another tropic zone for him, but should be returning home approx. Oct. 10th.

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slyght said...

raspberries?! really? wtf?!