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Monday, April 16, 2007

...it's healing - but looks damn good!!!

Mom2 got this beautiful butterfly tattoo on her right ankle and it is healing nicely. And true to her word, it has been four days now, and her husband hasn't seen it yet!!! Amazing! We are now officially the "TATTOOED OLD BROADS!"

We were discussing how painful she thought this was, and she claims it was VERY painful. Now compared to childbirth or having arterial blood gases drawn - the tattoo was nothing - but such a whiner --- each to his own. I still want to see her get the battleship on her chest - she will be the first one on the block if she does.

Her modernization can be endless - to date she has done the following: obtained a myspace site, gotten a more youthful haircut, her nose pierced, and now THE TATTOO!! I am open to suggestions as to any further changes or life alterations to suggest for the future. Maybe a bikini wax!! Now talk about painful. hahahaha

On a somber note - how tragic that one individual had a meltdown of some sort and vented on the students and faculty of Virginia Tech. I remember the sniper in Austin, Texas almost 40 years ago, Kent State, and the psycho at Case Western just a few years ago - but none had as many casualties as today. I am sure it will take severla days for the complete story to be revealed, so all I can think of is the poor parents, who believe that our kids are safe while in college, and now have to grieve for their personal losses. My heart goes out to those parents and family members.

Going to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play basketball against Linsley tonight. You should have seen me try to explain to Mom2, how the Steelers football players were playing basketball. Guess it does sound weird. Oh well, hope Heinz Ward is one of the players or lovable Ben Roethlisberger.

Everyone stay healthy and TTFN. 48 days till we sail away!!

*** STUPID ME - I KNOW HOW TO SPELL "HINES WARD." Must have ketchup on the brain. Thanx Slyght!!!

1 comment:

slyght said...

you get roethlisberger right but not "hines" ward. come on.