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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

shame on me... bad Mommy!!

Well, theson has finally gotten a JOB. Needless to say he works for a wonderful company and gets paid even when idle, but I have enjoyed having him around since December. I should be so lucky and get paid when I am NOT working!! Anyway, he will be leaving for the U.K. this afternoon. This is supposed to be a three week job, but if anyone remembers - when he was sent to Rahjamundry, India, it was for 4 weeks and turned into 19 months in the land from hell.

The scary part is he has to drive over two hours from Manchester to his location and in England they drive mostly stick shift, wrong side of the road and car. GREAT!!! Theson has very, very little experience with a manual transmission - let alone everything else being backwards. Oh the memories - when he was working in Manchester before, he at least was able to rent an automatic, but his difficulty managing the opposite side of the road and front seat - allowed for the immediate demise of the side mirrors on rented car!! That's probably better than I could manage.

I just enjoy having someone around to help me out with mundane things - i.e., taking out the garbage, toting heavy things, etc...
Heaven knows, thedaughter is not the biggest help. She has a superb talent for making A MESS - but no talent in cleaning it up!!

Oh well, he is going to be 30 for heavens sake!! I figure I will let him loose in another 10 years or so ----- sorry Jules!!! No honestly, he is a great son and needs to spread his wings. Considering he travels the world - it is amazing that he can survive, because basically he is so very SHY!!! He cringes if strangers talk to him, although he is one of the wittiest and smartest people I know. I have to figure out how to get him out of that shell!!! Maybe drugs - anything is worth a try. Just kidding !!!

As long as I get to see him before I leave June 2nd for THE CRUISE!! I am starting to get excited. If I had the $$$ I would cruise every six months - at least!!! My chubby body is nice and tan - and the 20 pounds I was hoping to lose before leaving - DIDN'T HAPPEN!! Don't care - feel good anyway!

Everyone (even though you don't comment - I know you stop here) visit Electric Cerebrectomy (post site on sidebar) - such a unique young man, and such interesting blogs. So much like theson - his appreciation of the female body, I mean! He has a few health issues and sometimes needs encouragement (as we all do) and he has a great mind and talent for writing. Interesting posts. I think he is adorable and charming!!

Gonna run for now - clean up after thedaughters meal and entertaining last night. MOTHERS WORK IS NEVER DONE!!!

Everyone have a good one and stay healthy!! TTFN! 39 DAYS TILL SAILING! YEE HAW!

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