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Sunday, April 08, 2007

It's beginning to look a lot like....EASTER?????

Every few years, Mother Nature likes to take a jab at the Easter Holiday. All those who make their once (or twice) a year church visit in the Easter finery are smacked down...BY SNOW!!!! I remember many years ago, approximately 1971 or 1972, all the "hypocrites" showing up at church in light pastel linen clothing and beautiful new hats, despite the fact that there was 4 inches of snow on the ground. People were falling on slick sidewalks and heaven forbid they would cover up their finery with a WINTER COAT!!! I found it rather hilarious and relished the hypocrisy of the entire situation. Well, here we are again! Snow is so very invigorating, but I must admit - I LOVE SPRING AND SUMMER!!!

I enjoyed a nice dinner at BDub's last night with my oldest daughter and her husband (we shall now name THEPETE), and thegrandson. Slyght and Chumpass joined us after they left the movie "Grindhouse." A very good time was had by all. I had to leave before everyone, "mother" duties such as bathing and getting thegrandson ready for bed. I just cannot get warm with this cold snap that has hit us. And being a smoker - no comments please - I hate that we are treated like pariahs and have to go out in the inclement weather to "light up!" If we are to be ostracized, then proper facilities should be available, so that we do not have to freeze or get soaked to enjoy our own vice. A separate enclosed area is not asking to much. But this is not a black and white issue and leads to other arguments about BIG BROTHER! I will save that for later.

We are all having Easter dinner at "theDonalds" today and have to get my potatoes and cake made here soon. Everyone stay healthy and hopefully Spring is "just around the corner!" TTFN.

57 days and counting.

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