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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It really is "Crunch time" for me...and i love it!

Here it is April 4th, and it always amazes me how fast tax season flies by. I have done several hundred returns, and believe it or not, I would enjoy doing them all year long. Every year is rather predictable as to who appears when. The early birds are the same and the latecomers are the same - but everyone is trying to drive me nuts this year and mixing it all around. I actually thought I had lost a few clients...boohoo, but alas, they are just late. That's a good thing. I have even scheduled two clients on the 13th and 14th this year. I hate to file extensions, so I WILL get them prepared in time - since the deadline this year is April 17th.

Theson is arriving home tonight, after spending a week in Ireland with Jules (lucky dawg!). But the joke is on him, after we have had temps in the high 70's and 80 yesterday - today (at present) it is a miserable 35 degrees. Once I take my sandals out, I do not put them away till September or October, so my little toes will be freezing. **I may break down and put on a pair of socks though - brrr...

Tomorrow is TATTOO DAY! I have decided on a Celtic Shamrock, and now have to figure out if I want it on my shoulder or the nape of my neck. Decisions, decisions. Curses!!!!! I found the design I liked on the Internet, but they lock the pictures and I couldn't print it out - so I am hoping the place has a similar design. You would think at 55 years of age, I would have more important decisions to make, but what the hell - you only live once and that could be brief at best.

60 Days and we will be outta here - on to the Caribbean and lots and lots of sunshine. I think our most enjoyable moment is having a danish and coffee on the balcony in the mornings before we head poolside. A selfish indulgence but we are worth it.

That's it for now - have to hit the road to get theson. Stay healthy and TTFN!!!


me said...


jean said...

YES...sandals and socks...what a fashion statement...glad my [godson is home] missed him...setting here working up courage for the tattoooooooo....making me nervous to say the least...going to store and will call and can head to ferry...hope this gets to you...friend jean

themom said...

Jean: don't make fun of the socks and sandals - I see dweebs wearing them all the time and WE ARE GETTING THE TATOOS TODAY!!! So there!!