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Friday, April 06, 2007

..I DID IT!!! Tatt #2


The incredibly freaky thing is that my oldest daughter, got her second tattoo at the exact same time as me, but at a different place. We have this weird thing going on of late, she will get a haircut and I will also, and they are similar - all the while neither of us knew the other was going to change the look. We talk - only if absolutely necessary - on the phone, and call ourselves phone nazis. She and I both hate talking on the phone. But leave it to the youngest daughter to have a phone hanging off her ear at all times - go figure!!

Originally we had planned (Mom2 and I) to get our tattoos yesterday, but they were booked solid. So I took today's open appointment and Mom2 is getting hers next Thursday. She watched as mine was being done and didn't appear to get squeamish - so she may be good to go. Since I posted a pic of mine on this blog, my daughter is posting a pic on her Myspace site. I shall be going there when done with this entry.

Well the dickhead is at it again - that would be Bush. He made a speech yesterday I believe, regarding the greenhouse gas emissions, and basically inferred that it would be almost cost prohibitive to change anything at the moment. (I am paraphrasing.) Now all the climatologists and scientists have released date showing that it is not necessarily the cost and usage of new technology that is foremost. By changing our current fossil fuel usage and various habits is a great starting point. Apparently Dubya feels he will be dead before any major climate changes and doesn't think about what is left for his poor offspring. Would someone remind me how he got into Yale? Oh, I forgot - he was a Bush. DUH!?!?! Oh and making a "recess appointment" of the gentleman who helped finance the Swift Boat campaign, because Congress was on vacation - was a bold yet unneccessary step to take. The Democrats are researching the legality of the issue now. He knew that this gentleman would never be confirmed as Ambassador to Belgium, so he withdrew the nomination a week before Congress recessed and then pulled a fast one. As I said before DICKHEAD!! Can ya guess what my feelings are for the ignorant Prez? Like I said before, amzing how you can impeach a President for lying about a blowjob - but this man can KILL 3300 Americans in a war he created. Boggles the mind. I have heard the candidates running for office use the words "wasted lives" and then berated for the phrase, but explain to me how they are not wasted, when they should not have been there in the first place?

Oh well, 600+ days and he is outta there. So, Spring is just around the corner right??? Colder than shite here, I got used to the 70 degree weather then Mother Nature got a burr up her ass and changed things. Brrr...

Gonna go for now, everyone stay healthy and TTFN. 58 days and counting.


thedaughter2 said...

Looks good! Love it!

jean said...

i love it...really looks great...think i'm looking forward to getting mine...key word being think...no i'm ready...so glad we are at the point when things are just about me and you and what WE want...so there!!!!TTFN----mom2

slyght said...

jean sounds like you two have become, as lucille would say, "lezbins".

plus, you do too like the phone, you are always on it. I am a phone nazi, as evidenced by you reprimanding the indian USAir guy, not me. nyah nyah.