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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

...self Immolation - now there is some humor!! DUH!

Theson directed me to this site about the Prez. I must say, being the Yale graduate that he supposedly is - leaves one to wonder about how much gray matter resides in his head!! I then wondered if he rambles around the White House plugging just any old thing in, when he sees a cord just "laying there." As for the Ford representative breaking all protocols and touching the President, what the hell, if it were me I would have to spend at least five minutes weighing the pros and cons of breaking protocol - oops, might have been to late. I guess it goes to show you that all photo ops for Dubya, cannot be 100% planned by his moronic sycophants. Now, if Sean Hannity had been by his side, I would have waited at least 10 minutes - and the emergency teams arrived!!

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