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Saturday, March 31, 2007

...and I do like the solitude!

For a change, I had almost the entire day to myself. Thedaughter had to work 2 - 9 pm and thegrandson is at the babysitters. Ahhhh...total peace and quiet. A few clients came to pick up their tax returns, other than that...a few movies and the computer.

Managed to have at least ONE political discussion with a client, of course that is always invigorating. I should probably run for President, but know I could not garner a war chest over $100.

Theson is still in Ireland and will be returning home Wednesday night. Hopefully tomorrow we will be booking our flight to Florida for our cruise, then I will be completely relaxed and at peace. Our weather this past week has been idyllic, now I hear the intrepid weatherman saying "SNOW" for next weekend. Grrrr...once I get my sandals on - I do not put them away until October. Now my toes will be pissed at me for sure. brrr...

Hopefully there will be some interesting news tidbit or political gaffe I can comment on in the near future. I could probably write a little tidbit about our illustrious LEADER daily - but screw that - I will wait till he makes another major faux pas.

So much for that. Everyone stay healthy - TTFN. 63 days till departure.

P.S. Contemplating getting a tattoo on Thursday - nah!! I'm gonna do it!!!

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Professor Howdy said...


Dear Friend,

After much thought, I have decided
to leave 'Thought & Humor'.

The reasons are many but they all boil
down to this: Nobody writes me anymore
so it must mean that they don't like me
or my college jokes, riddles, cartoons
or funny pictures:O(

I was hoping people would contact me
by posting a kind message in the
"comments" on my blog but few have.

Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Adiós

P.S. All of you liberals can now be happy
because I am giving up. You have finally
won after 10 years of publishing...

P.P.S. The sad song playing on my blog
really fits my mood! You know I think
that I might have possibly visited your
site awhile back. Do you remember
or am I wrong?