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Monday, July 03, 2006

...a little time with HOMER

the daughter, thegrandson and i spent saturday at Uncle Windy's for a picnic and plain old fun. we have known for the past year that he has a pet deer named HOMER, but finding the time to get to his place has been difficult.

we got there about 1 pm, but homer was playing shy and hiding in the woods somewhere. the grandson was beginning to get very upset. at least there were a few other children to play with, so that allayed some of his anxiety. i was at the back of the house with some friends when someone came running out and yelling that Homer finally appeared out front and colton was ecstatic.

Bless his little heart, he was so excited he kept wanting to run up and play with the deer, but Homer thinks the kids want to wrestle and he starts head butting. when Homer was smaller that was not a problem, but now he has the start of his adult rack (velvet like nubs) and they can hurt. we had to tell colton to "stand still" several times, so Homer wouldn't send him flying.

there are several more pics you can view at www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen. now i have to figure out how to get the movies downloaded. i know i will need to get a dvd burner at some point. the camera is awesome.

Taking a break, my damn feet keep swelling and I have to put them up. Stay healthy all, more later.


jean said...

marie...loved the pics especially of colton and homer...homer is sooooo cute...colton too...enjoyed this pass week and our family gatherings...sure was nice just wish zac had been here...it would have been perfect...sorry to see jim go back to fla. but did enjoy h
is visit,but went by too fast...
see ya in the morn love jean

slyght said...

tell that boy to put some meat on his bones before taking his shirt off. he should look more like his uncle zac.

and emma says to tell carrie to let his harid grow out, he looked cute with it longer, AND he wants to look like his uncle zac (OK, not THAT long... yet)