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Thursday, July 13, 2006

yes...i do need a life!

Good morning all! Such a shite morning, cloudy, mother nature trying to decide whether to start torrential downpours or just sputter all day. Now, mind you, Jamboree In The Hills starts today at 3:50 PM, and this is the 30th anniversary of this "get down and dirty" weekend country music weekend. I did 26 years of attendance, and now it is up to the younger crowd to carry on. JITH has always been the third weekend of July, as they did extensive weather studies upon its inception and found that throughout history, the 3rd weekend of July has proved to be the best weekend of the summer. By that I mean, very little rain and sunny conditions. I guess, for the most part they have been accurate 75% of the time. I think it was the summer of '94 when it was Jamboree In The Mud. OMG what a mess, I had to pay some guy with a tractor $50 to pull my car out of the mud. This guy probably retired on the windfall he had that year from just towing cars with his John Deere. Total attendance for the weekend has been estimated as high as 200,000 people. No accurate figures have ever been released.

thedaughter went to the shed last night to get one of our "chairs in a bag" and ran back in the house because she encountered a spider the size of Texas. I hate that shed and want it totally torn down. It sits close to the creek running behind out house and is constantly damp and yucky. I have so much junk in it, would rather see it implode at this point.

Anyway, thedaughter is going to JITH for 4 days (comes home at night), is broke, but still going. I bought her the 4 day pass for Christmas, but told her then she would have to provide her own, beer, food, parking and incidentals. This weekend can be quite costly as everyone knows. She is doing it on a shoestring.

Enough of that garbage. I have been up since 4 am (this not sleeping thing is getting to be a PITA) and been on the computer (of course) since that time. BORING!!!

So here is the product of my boredom. BROWNIE THE HAMSTER.

I decided to bring thegrandsons pet hamster, Brownie, out to play with me. After a quick run across the keyboard, he just wanted to run around and sniff. How a nose can twitch that fast, amazes me. He couldn't wait to scurry off the computer. Oh hell, all of a sudden I can't put anymore pics in this blog. going to publish this one and then add last two pics in another entry. So ttfn, stay healthy all.

1 comment:

jean said...

good blog...you know i love brownie and its about time he made an appearance...you know he loves being in the limelight!!!might i suggest the next time afew pics of angel and your cat shaped like a basketball...that would be interesting to say the least...keep up the good work...
ttfn friend jean