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Thursday, July 13, 2006

see if this works...

As I said, Brownie scampered off the keyboard and back to his palatial digs. Let's see if this works this time.

Now, as for theson, stuck in a hellhole in India, I worry about the train explosions and monsoons in his part of the world. It is just a mother's job to worry. I can't wait till he gets to a civilized part of the world. Being exposed to the lesser work motivated people he has in the past 18 months, I don't want any of that to rub off on him. He is far too intelligent for that. Have to check out his blog (on right) Nomadic Tendencies and Emmas (also on right) Saddle Tramp - to see the latest swimsuit fashion in India. It is SO NOT Emma. Amazing what a pair of scissors can do.

OK - gonna try to go back for a nap - take care and stay healthy all. Later.

1 comment:

slyght said...

oh brownie. his room is nicer than mine i think. i think it'd be neat to have a place like that. maybe i'll make an adult playground like that (not like thailand... well, i suppose that would be TOO mad). anyways, i think it'd be neat to crawl around.

i haven't seen TheMom2 post much lately. is she getting bored with talking to us, or maybe since she talks to you in person, she doesn't need to comment.

later. love ya.