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Monday, July 31, 2006

it's SOAPBOX time....

Anyone who is not politically motivated, may not even care about this blog, but leave it to me to opine a little.

Last week Dubya decided to use his veto power (the first of his tenure) and go against "expanding funding for stem cell research." Now first one has to recognize that Dubya is so anti stem cell research, he said years ago he would never support the cause. Does anyone else recognize the wording of the bill? Keywords "expanding funding" - haha guess what there is already federal monies going to research, which happened under Dubya's watch.

States are so adamant about the research venue they are coming up with additional funds on their level. Privately funded research in this area is also growing. Questions arise about the idiot (oops), he is such a contradiction - since he says "destroying an embryo is murder" (thus the veto), yet he still supports fertility clinics which destroy the excess embryos by the thousands. DUH?!?!?

Week before last, he managed a photo-op with "cute babies" adopted from embryos. Statistics are: 128 out of 400,000 frozen embryos (.032 percent) have ever been adopted. (Newsweek, July 31, 2006, Jonathan Alter). This amazes me. There are thousands of children available for adoption, which most couples prefer, rather than picking out an embryo to culture and adopt as a viable dependent.

The scientific breakthroughs so far, have been incredible. Scientists are actually finding other ways to retrieve and culture stem cells, i.e. simple skin cells. Umbilical cord and placenta blood are prime targets that need to be banked. Ultimately, we (the scientists) need these stem cells to hopefully be able to cure diseases and replace vital bodily services. But apparently, the Dubya groups would rather not be able to save the lives of their constituents, just brainwash them during their brief term on earth.

Religion has to be removed from the scientific field. As long as the conservative's "sanctity of life" platform prevails, there will be NO cures.

Just a bit of humor now, I certainly do not have any memories while I was in the embryonic stage (since I did share that with a twin), and doubt anyone else has memories either. A small piece of protoplasm, smaller than the head of a pin, contains the possible cure for so many dreaded diseases, yet strikes fear in the minds of the Christian right.

OOOH, do ya hate me now. Wish I could get that Bush clock to move a little faster. Ta-da I am done!!

TTFN, everyone stay healthy.

1 comment:

slyght said...

you go get 'em. and even the republicans aren't happy check out this blog (http://fuggettaboutit.blogspot.com/). he is a comedian, and this is a long rant but pretty good.