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Monday, June 26, 2006

...start building the Ark

Isn't it great to see that Washington, D.C. is under water (realtively so)? Just imagine, the IRS building has been closed, I do so hope they don't loose any records (heehee). Can you see Dubya on the back of a boat crossing the Potomac? Not a pretty picture. He would have Mexicans rowing for him I am sure. (Never guess how I feel politically, could ya?)

I would choose sunshine and no rain if I had my druthers, sunshine is so revitalizing for me!! Like the Caribbean. It is comforting to know my ashes will someday be warmed in the ocean. Now isn't that a droll subject.

On to more exciting things. Let me think.....hmm..... theson had a terrific blog yesterday about his father's mistress (see Nomadic Tendencies). It fired up him, his sister and myself, not to mention our friends.

theson is one of the most interesting, vital, smart individuals I know. (Not that I am predjudiced or anything.) He was never a problem while growing up, he was always my staunchest supporter and rock. He made his way through one of the toughest and prestigious universities (Case Western) and after his "free" freshman year, made me very proud of all his accomplishments. And then I find out his father's mistress communicated with him via email, which upset him tremendously and he definitely does not want me to be upset. But just so you know son, nothing that person says or does can upset me. She is not worth a minute of my time one way or the other. Nor should she fester in your mind. She no more knew what life was like with your dad than the man in the moon. He was a pathological liar and perpetuated his lies with her. You and I (and a good many people around us) know what really transpired in our lives, and the bottom line is - we don't dwell on the past. We learn and go forward.

Russell has probably taught you more than your father ever did. And he is always willing to bend your ear or pass on his knowledge (in fields you are lacking.) Mom2 ALMOST loves you as much as me. We have adopted that family as our own and vice versa. Mom2 is my sister for all intent and purposes. We have been through a lot and probably have a lot waiting in the future.

I loved your blog though - there is nothing wrong with the feelings you have. As long as those feelings can be expressed and not repressed you are a whole person. Just knowing what a terrific husband and father you will be someday, makes me content. For not having a good example you have certainly made some headway in your life.

And that is all I am going to say at this time. Should you need me to stand up for you - just ask. That's my job. Love ya baby. MOM'S GOT YOUR BACK!!!

OK folks, stay healthy, till next time.

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