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Friday, July 07, 2006

about ready to fly - i hope...

OK, momma robin has this second "brood" now living in a spoon basket on my back porch. There are five babies crammed into this teeny tiny nest. The one in the back has its mouth open waiting for a worm to be dropped down its gullet. It is not a pretty scene when all five decide they want the worm at the same time. But apparently mom and dad robin have it down to a science as to each finding and delivering the meals. In the early morning, both robins are in the side yard listening and then attacking their prey (poor worms never knew what hit them).

The first brood was nested in early May and there were 4 eggs then. Mama robin went overboard this time and had 5. It is so amazing, because one day (probably in the next week) the nest will be EMPTY. You don't get to see any early flying lessons at all - boom, they are gone.

My plan is to strip this basket when they are gone, put new "artificial" flowers in and then rehang. At the present time there are four nests, one on top of the other. Although, this same nest was used for the last two broods. I have been amazed how the robins apparently mate for life, and take the responsibilities equally. All marriages should be so good.

Not much going on here, the valley is gearing up for Jamboree In The Hills which begins next Thursday evening. the campgrounds open this weekend I believe. After 20+ years of attending, I now watch most of it on TV. I did my duty for a good many years, trudging thru mud and all. Now, it is up to the younger crowd to carry on.

Took my dog Angel, to Mom2's house this evening to let her and Heidi get acquainted. Heidi is an Alaskan huskie (I think), and very territorial. Angel is "just happy to be here." Had to take her up on a leash, she originally turned around and went back home on the first attempt. When I left I figured she would run back home, but oh no, straight across the street and onto the neighbors porch for a visit, and then crawl up the backs of the people walking down the street, before finally back into the house. I probably should try some sort of obedience training, but that would take all the fun out of it.

That's good enough for some lighthearted blogging this evening. Everyone take care and stay healthy... has anyone heard from Paul - he is playing absent blogger again!!! TTFN

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