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Friday, July 28, 2006

stinking, lousy summer cold....

I still have the damn cold/flu thing going on and really feel like crap. Now I have this icky eye infection thing going on - guess I will have to give in and call the Doc and get a miracle drug of sorts.

We (Mom2, herson and fiance, the daughter and I) went to E.J.'s wedding last Saturday at THE BARN in Moundsville, WV. And take my word for it it was A BARN. Bright, shiny red paint on the outside and a rustic ambience inside. The ceremony took place on an outside patio (quite windy) and the reception was held inside. After the intense heat we have been having - they lucked out and after a few rain drops in the morning - it remained sunny and cool the rest of the day. I actually was cold.

E.J. went all through school with mydaughter and spent a good deal of time at our house during her grade school years. Once in high school, she and theson became great friends. She also dated Mom2's son for over a year. Now she is married to a 14 year Air Force veteran and living in Colorado Springs. Good luck E.J. (They are honeymooning in Jamaica at this very moment.)

For mor pics of the wedding go to www.flickr.com/photos/mbonen.
I even took a good pic for a change.

thegrandson has totally amazed me lately. Yesterday morning, when he got up the first thing he told me was, and I quote, "nina, did you know gravity keeps us on the ground, and there is no gravity in space!" omg, you could have knocked me over. And yesterday afternoon, he started tellingme all about "hall monitors" in the schools and what they do. He doesn't even start school till the end of August. DUH!?!?! And before going to bed, he gave me an in-depth detailed description of "cloning!"
I think I better sign him up for Harvard now!! Or a more scientific college like Stanford. He never ceases to amaze me. Took him to his cousins baseball games Sunday, and he had a blast with his 15 year old, 6' 2" cousin. Stephen just picks him up and hauls him all over the place and teeny tiny Colton tries to keep up with him - it is funny.

Just IM'd with theson in India. Damn, infernal place. He was supposed to be there for one month and it is now going on 19 months. His girlfriend was there for a year and she just left this past Monday (for good!) Keep up the good spirits, you two will get together soon.

OK - will put more on here later, nap time again!! TTFN. I promise to blog more often.

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